Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Blues

I’m pretty late for work today, maybe because of the overdose durian treat at Lala’s yesterday. I skipped breakfast since we’re expecting some guests from Japan this morning. It’s kinda funny to see Ben and the Japan guy greeted each other, Ben was trying to be nice by bowing… they nearly knocked each other’s head … *LOL*. Poor Ben, he’s in the line of duty while he’s son was warded in KT GH.

Later in the evening, the tribe went to visit Adik Megat at KT GH. He looked tired and uncomfortable, maybe due to the hustle and bustle of the pediatric ward. Gma was on his bed comforting him from crying. Anyway he gonna be okay soon … insya-Allah.

Back from the pediatric ward, we headed to Secret Recipe for dinner. Yes people! Believe it or not! Secret Recipe has opens its door to KT people. I’ve snapped some photos but I’ll blog about it later in a different entry.

My first impression of it: one of the largest SR outlet I’ve been to … *LOL*

Catz: SR’s price tag is RM3-5 more than Tropix …

Dusun Kak La

Yesterday, En.Amad & Lala invited me for a durian treat.

For people who do not have an orchard like me, it was an irresistible invitation to miss. There were plenty of fruits for everybody.

I was the first guest to arrive, followed by Cik Sern & Yaya 30 minutes later. Azrul, At & Alid came an hour later … lucky we still have some fruits left for them. If they were to arrive later than that … we (the girls) had finished off the durians … *LOL*

Finally, my gentz had a decent bath after few weeks of oily and dirt. Right after that, I received a SMS from Lala ...

First class durians ... semua best, takde yang mengecewakan. Thanks to the host En.Amad & Lala for inviting ... merasa lah makan durian & buah-buahan lain ... macam makan kat dusun. We all makan sampai overdose! ... balik rumah lalok je ngantoks ... Not just durians, ada rambutans, manggis and longan. Longan courtesy of Cik Sern and Yaya ...

Lawan sapa paling terel kupas (sini tak leh sebut *opek .. hehe) ... Position duduk ikut turutan podium, yg tgh no. 1, second on the right and left dapat gangsa je ... :)

Catz: I’ve received a stupid phone call from a stupid stranger saying stupid things … damn those perverts!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get Well Soon Adik Megat

Received SMS from Lala that Afiq a.k.a Adik Megat was admitted to KT GH . Get well soon Adik Megat, sabor -sabor ye Puan Raja :)

Puan Raja sent me this MMS of Afieq tgh tido' kat hospital's bed ... kesiannye ...

Catz: Semoga cepat sembuh ... *aaminn*

Friday, July 27, 2007

Surprised Guests

I stayed home all day today. It’s raining outside and I’m too lazy to get wet & cold over the rain.

Ben & Gma came for a visit this morning, lucky I’m fully awake but the house was a little bit of a mess. Actually they were here for Aizah’s table fan & pan. Adik Megat & Adik Putri came along as well.

“Err Aizah; your frying pan is safe with me. Next time you’re here don’t forget to ask for it ye?”

The other day, I had a surprised visit from a long lost clan I’ve never known before. He claimed to be my great grandmother’s nephew, so that makes him my grandma’s cousin and I got to call him ‘Tok Chik’. He and few others drove here all the way from Dungun to meet me. He said, he had been to my office several times but had no luck of meeting me, poor him. So, I had lunch with my newly known family members and got to know them a little bit. One fine day, I will have to visit them in Dungun … Now, if someone ask me if I have any ‘waris’ in Terengganu, I can proudly say YES! :)

Adik Megat lost most of his chubby cheeks to demam and batuk ... cian dia :)

Catz: Winter is here again ...

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Weekend Off

The clan went back to KL this morning - 10:15 flight. I cruised down town after that to find a car wash, unfortunately due to the weather, all car wash were closed. So, my gentz will have to make do with the dirt for few more days … to those who will/want to car pool with me will have to make do with my gentz’s filthy and dirty condition lar … *LOL*

As of last Friday, I’m officially saying bye-bye to my Sweet Butterfly which had been serving me for almost six years now … she’ll be rested and kept in good hands. There were so many bittersweet memories with my Sweet Butterfly … i won't sell it to anyone :)

Some photos of the weekend;

We visited Pokcik's Hut at Teluk Ketapang ... a must-visit destination in my to-go list. This photo was taken when Mak insisted to stop near the beach to enjoy the view. The sand's quite coarse and the beach was not that clean, there were trash lying helplessly everywhere left by irresponsible human.

We stopped at Batu Buruk Beach to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we can hardly see the sun … just the lights, but the view was just amazing :)

My parents on their way back from the beach. Less than half an hour after we reached Batu Buruk Beach, it started to rain ... again. Bagi can ayah dan bondaku berdua-duaan ... *LOL*

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! NOT! This photo was taken when I'm on my way to get my car at the airport's carpark. There was a group of skydiver doing some training.

My latest gadget. A birthday gift from my brother. Thanks bro! :D

Catz: banyaknye makan this week ...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What More?

What more can I say when my brother bought me an expensive birthday present other than thanking him so much for the gift …

What more can I do to see Mak’s face glowed when she saw me at the airport other than giving her a big hug …

What more can I ask when the whole clan came to visit because they missed me that much … speechless!!

I feel so damn lucky … Alhamdulillah … praise to Allah the Almighty.

The clan is in town. So I'm kinda busy this few days, I'm taking few days off for them, but I’ll try to update an entry whenever I can. No photo for this entry anyway as I will post them in the next entry :)


Catz: exploring my new birthday gift ... hih hih hih

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prosperous Terengganu

It's a photo blogging day .... :)

Daulat Tuanku
Tomorrow will be the 45th birthday celebration for Sultan Terengganu, Al-Wathiqu Billah Al-Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah, also known as our 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The town council has been working very hard for this commemorative arch. This photo was taken from my office window.

Mount Durian.
Yesterday, we saw humongous amounts of durians at Payang. It’s twice as many durians we saw last week. So today, I talked Boy & Chuopa into having some durians at Payang … again. This time around it’s only me, Boy & Chuopa. Sya came along but she’s fasting, she’s not a big fan of the fruit king anyway. This photo was taken when Chuopa stopped for some Longan.

Catz: Tak kan muak dengan durian ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello, Bye-bye

Mak called this afternoon to remind me on their trip here this Friday. She sounded so excited, cooking this and that … just to bring it all the way here from KL so that all of us will have a nice get together family lunch. The clan will be in town this weekend … can’t wait!

As of today, I’m officially using a new IBM notebook … so Hello IBM, bye-bye HP … Hello Vista, bye-bye XP …*LOL*

And as of Friday, I’m no more using my Nokia butterfly, my friends have been making jokes out of it, so it’s time to give it a rest … it has seen better days. So bye-bye Nokia, Hello … (no I’m not telling you guys now … hehe)

dulu ... HP (harta pejabat)

now ... IBM (Ini bukan milikku)

Catz: Ergh .. I'm not used to Vista!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thank You

My new assigned notebook arrived on Saturday, but I have no time to look at it and the ITS staffs have no time to configure it. Everybody was so busy with the new staff registrations and placement.

Alhamdulillah, as of today, we’re done with the placement and all PCs were successfully shifted to the designated offices. All the IT people from HQ & KT Branch worked very hard for the PC arrangements … thanks guys … I still owe you guys KFC!

All of my tribe leads worked fairly hard as well. Thanks a zillion guys … Now that we’re done with the placement, we all can go treat ourselves at Sri Wangsa! What say you guys? *Kena tunggu gaji la* … hahaha

Lepas penat bekerja, there's nothing as good as enjoying my favorite 3-layer latte and a large bowl of Penang Laksa at Tropix. Lazat berkrim disukai ramai ...

Some of the tribe mates joined me at Tropix enjoying good food and good company ... Satay tu kepunyaan encik yang tertinggal kunci dalam boot kereta the other day ... *LOL*

Catz: Goodbye HP(Harta Pejabat), Hello IBM .... Ini Bukan Milikku :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Today, most of the tribe leads volunteered to help in getting **BKC ready for operations starting tomorrow 15th July 2007. We did almost everything, from cleaning the windows to cleaning the toilets. Thanks everybody for helping.

I'm so tired, since tomorrow is the big day, i need to have enough sleep ... I could sense it would be a long day 2moro. So before beradu ... here are some photos taken today ...

Sorang cleaner sorang QC ... Nasib baik ada anak-anak bujang (bujang ke? *LOL*) tolong memanjat tingkap-tingkap yang tinggi ...

BKC's leads ... chayo-chayo, selamat menjalankan tugas ...

Senja at Payang. When we're done with our chores at BKC, we went to Payang for another durian treat - Doyang Fiesta Part 3. This photo was taken at Payang's parking area. Simply breathtaking ... :) Sayup di seberang is Kelab Teluk Warisan .. the Heritage.

The view was so beautiful that we want to capture the moment with us in it :)

Almost everybody who join the doyang treat this time ... Can't help myself admiring the view in the background ... amazing!

**BKC - Bukit Kechil Centre

Catz: Nervous gak esok ... huhuhu

Friday, July 13, 2007

Doyang Fiesta - Part 2

We thought of treating ourselves to some durian kampung at Payang this evening. But, suddenly, the rain started to pour and the plan changed. We’ve decided to have it at someone’s home instead. Chuopa volunteered to have his crib for the port, but later he changed his mind and talked me into having it in my place instead… ngelat! Anyway, it was a pleasure to host a doyang fiesta Part 2! :)

We bought about 14 durians for RM50, I have no idea if it’s cheap or expensive but enough to satisfy our cravings for so long.

The venue ...

All the guys(except Chuopa) yg pilih durian, dunno what's the criteria to choose for ... tampok nye kah? durinya kah? baunya kah? bentuknya kah? ... they know better. All the ladies(except Chuopa again ... hehe) stayed under a plastic shelter avoiding from the pouring rain while waiting.

All the fourteen durians from our orchard at Pasar Payang hehe. We requested to pre-peel them since I have no suitable tool to peel it at home.

One of us bought some longan as well ... was that a treat? I did not remember paying for it just now ... *LOL*... halal je lah ek chuop! Si kecik tu pun suka makan durian gak ...

Azrul dok busy kupas durian, peel satu satu, si Chuopa tu pulak busy makan ... bukan nak tolong ... huhuhu ... jgn marah aaa!

Memang tak mengecewakan, semua isi kuning & sedap.

Close up .... sedapnye! Terel jugak dorang ni pilih (sebenarnye brother gerai tu yg pilih .. *LOL*).

Catz: Durian kampung memang sedap ...

Aingelina Josri

I’ve been very busy this week; have not been able to update any entries.

Accidentally bit my lips at lunch and it keep swollen for the past 2 days. So my lower lip looks like just after having botox treatment … *LOL*, sexy gitu! Macam Angelina Jolie … haha *perasan*

Cruised around town today after breakfast, something caught my attention … SECRET RECIPE will be in town people! Jakun kejap hehe … what to do, currently, the only fast food or famous chain of restaurant here are pizza hut & kfc, its good to have one more lepak port to be added in the list :D Cant’ wait!

Catz: Apa makna kalau tergigit bibir sendiri? huhuhu

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The whole day was not that busy but still I felt so sleepy. I guess probably I didn’t have enough sleep.

Lightning bolts lit up the skies last night as a thunderstorm made its way across town. I can hardly close my eyes, I’m afraid my roof will fall off by fierce wind. Astro channels were disrupted and my modem was readily unplugged. I was a bit worried and cuddled up myself under my comforter, staring at the ceiling waiting for it to end. It was no ordinary wind, we don’t have it in Bangi *LOL* … So that’s why I’m feeling so lazy and sleepy today :)

Someone knocked on my door and delivered these souvenirs from Beijing; a lovely Chinese embedded pouch with organza lace along with a pair of mini ancient coins replica & a fridge magnet. Actually, I requested for the magnet and willing to pay her for it, but she insisted me to have both as a souvenirs … Thanks Maya :)

This shawl was a gift by one of the tribe mates. She bought this on her long training trip to India. It’s so beautiful, the fabric is so comfy and I’m sure it will keep me warm in the office … Thanks Zurina :)

Banyak memberi ... semoga kalian murah rezeki :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I bumped into my neighbor today on my way up to the sixth floor. She’s joking around making a remark that she never saw me cooking at home. The other two ladies with her gave me a smile, feeling sorry for me of my neighbor’s remark. I know she had nothing against me and I didn’t take it personally, but must she said it in front a group of young mothers? Ala you dropped my water face larrrrr …. (gaya ala-ala iklan astro)*LOL*.

I admit I’m not really a great cook, but I do cook for myself sometimes. The next time I’m in the kitchen, I need to make more noise, increase a notch of the volume, just to make sure that my neighbor hears it …. *LOL*

This weekend, I spent most of the time hibernating indoors. When I’m hungry I cooked and when I’m not hungry I slept :))) not healthy huh?

There’s nothing much to do the whole weekend. Most of the tribe mates went back to KL. Thinking of spending the weekend in KL, but my family is coming for a visit next week. So hibernating was the best choice of activity … *LOL*

I made this for lunch on Friday. Its actually a blend of low carb fusilli cooked with lots of tomatoes, chicken chunks and baby carrots. Sometimes I cooked 'Malaysian Style' pasta, a recipe which would remind me of my college years. Irda (my housemate) used to cook it for us almost everyday. Back in those years in the States we usually used spaghetti or any other pasta as replacements for mee, laksa & meehun.

I've been experimenting some french toast recipes over breakfast. I used to make them when I worked for Brough Common (dining hall) at the University. Looks like I still have the touch :) just need a lot of practise je ... *LOL*. Sorry, no photos guys! I’m so busy drooling myself over my long craving for French toast. :) (Tak sempat bergambar dah ngap!)

Catz: It takes two to cook; A cook and someone to eat it ... hahaha

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Job Prediction

Catz's a clown? *LOL* ... ada ke patut :) Got this from a friend, simply hilarious. It's actually a job prediction based on your name. Wanna give it a try? Download the .xls file here.

This is only for fun sake, please do not take it seriously :)

There's a web version here.

Catz: My full name's a dentist ... *LOL* ... i wish!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Surprise

I know there’s something fishy going on when few people were acting suspiciously.

Well, my intuition was right and I’m kinda feel bad to actually ruin their surprise birthday makan-makan for me. Like what the old saying, “pisang tak kan berbuah dua kali”, so back to back surprise parties have not been proven successful yet … hehehe. Anyway thanks a a lot for trying, wish I could pretend to be very surprised, but you guys acted strange lah .... i can't helped myself to be suspicious. Symptom of watching a lot of CSI ... *LOL*

Anyway, thank you all for the mini party. The cake was superb! The kuih muih was lovely. Thanks for "Allah Selamatkan Kamu" song. Wonder who's the organiser behind all this? :)

Tiramisu cake from Sweden. Not too sweet, not to spongy ... just nice. Macam tau-tau je I like tiramisu.

Somebody had put some effort for preparing all the food herself ... thanks Ckin. Betulke Ckin baked semua ni?? Wow ... boleh buat menantu ni *LOL*

Lawan siapa nganga mulut paling besar ...

Johan pertandingan siapa nganga mulut paling besar ... jgn marah edy :) Puan Raja kat belakang tu tengah SMS kat Ayah Megat ...

What's left of the cake, selepas pertandingan diadakan ...

Antara yang terlibat dengan surprise party ni ... thank you all

Catz: First time dapat 2 surprise birthday cake ...

Fun At Batu Buruk

There’s a fun fair in town.

So, last night we went to check it out. Actually it was part of Terengganu Carnival 2007 event. It will be at Batu Buruk for two weeks from 29th June 2007 to 14th July 2007.

I'm kinda tired to elaborate on the event, so here's some photo taken ....

Replica of Batu Bersurat in one of the exhibition booth

Ride ni paling bising sekali ... menjerit-jerit ...

Eye of KT ... hehehe ... Alia (Shishu) ajak ayah dia naik ... tapi fly tak berani :)) Chuopa ajak we all semua naik sekali ... huhuhu tak boleh imagine Baloon Wheel tu senget and sampai menjadikan suasana yg fun malam tu jadi havoc ... *LOL*

Kusyuk je berdua ni ... tgk apa tu?

Laa habis semuanya mendongak tengok sama ... tengok apa tu? You all perasan tak ... tangan yang menggenggam each other tu? Bukan senang nak tgk aksi diorang ni gitu huhuhu ... kantoi .... jgn marah boy & sya *LOL*

Dah penat round-round we all singgah kat regular spot - Tropix. Dah tumpang parking kereta kat situ so kena lah duduk minum-minum dulu before balik. Sukanya Shishu ngan mama dia tu ... *LOL*

Catz: Seronok tgk orang seronok ... :)