Thursday, December 20, 2007

Salam Aidiladha

... to all my Muslim friends and readers. May Allah bless you with peace and good health, insya-Allah.

I'm spending my Eid leave here in KT, far away from family and frens :) ... but the whole clan will fly over tonite for our trip to my cousin's engagement in Besut tomorrow.

Catz: first time dengar takbir sambil mkn megi ... huhuhu

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been away ...


Baru je sampai KT this evening, so I guess I’ll just photoblog aje today. These photos were taken right before I was away for a week …

One of my favorite spot … lately dah jarang2 pergi … gonna miss this spot! Paras laut lagi tinggi dari darat from this angle kan? ... serem ...

We’re regulars here at Pakcik’s Hut … our favorite celup tepung stall … gonna miss this too!

Its been raining a lot lately, dah monsoon kan … pic was taken from a cozy spot from my bedroom

An evening at McD, tak semestinya perlu duit banyak kalau nak makan di McD …. Jgn suka dengar gossip liar guys! Not good for your heart!

Gonna miss adik Megat too … huhuhu

Inside McD KT

This photo was taken at dawn … biru awan tu was the original color, no MSG. Cantik kan?

Catz: moving for good ...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lost in Ten Days

Huhuhu dah bersawang … just dropped by utk sapu habuk :)

I’ve been out of town this past ten days, and internet access was actually scarce during those days, takde peluang untuk update blog, plus I didn’t have much time to update pun during those ten days … busy giler :)

These photos were taken during the trip …

Pakar-pakar sedang memerah ideas …

Essential source of energy, three bottle a day for each day spent in the workshop …

Lost and out of ideas … letih giler kalau perah idea camni …

Creative people, pose pun creative jugak … *LOL*

Attitude pose! Cover album for new band NOSSER! sempena nama NOSS Workshop *LOL* … ni idea sapa posing camni ni??

Catz: Leaving KT for good ... sob sob :(