Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our New Bundle of Joy

As promise, ni gambar-gambar Baby Khalisya .... enjoy :D

1 day old. Pic dalam intensive care nursery ni was taken by my Mak Usu. Khalisya nampak macam pakai blusher, sebenarnya bekas plaster wire oxigen eh betul ke eja oxigen?

2 weeks old. Tgh tido pun boleh buat signal half time.

Dari dalam peyut ibu sampai la dah keluar, asyik sedu je ....

Catz: more updates later ...

Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm A Mommy

Announcement ... announcement!

As of 26th December 2009, I'm officially a Mommy! :)

Our little Qaireena Khalisya was born at 4:50pm @ Hospital Pakar An-nur Hasanah, BBB. Will update more later since I'm still recovering from a spinal headache due to epidural procedure complication.

To frens who I've promised to inform about the newborn but I did not, I'm terribly sorry. I managed to sms some frens and hopefully they spread the news.

More updates later ...

Catz: she's special ... :)