Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Little Princess Turns One

Time flies! Nothing can compare how gratefull I am when I gave birth to my precious little princess a year ago ... and here she is now celebrating her 1st birthday. Planning to treat officemates pulut kuning & rendang esok sempena Khalisya's birthday.

Catz: Dah beso dah anak dara i .... heh heh

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What's Up with my new haircut?

"Rambut Khalisya dah panjang, dah masuk mata". My parents have been telling me this for quite a few times and I have no intention not to cut Khalisya's hair, tapi masa dan waktu tak mengizinkan. Lagipun, it is not an easy task for me since Khalisya has grown sangat active and lasak, pantang tengok benda baru. Nak bagi pakai diapers pun dah susah, ini kan nak potong rambut.

Last weekend, we planned to attend a wedding at Shah Alam, so nenek Khalisya told me untuk bersiap dulu while she looked after Khalisya. So lepas bersiap, I went downstairs and guess what I've found??? New fringe!! OMG! Mak cut across Khalisya's front hair.

 This is before the hair cut ... look at her front hair ...

Khalisya's new haircut ... check out her new fringe hehehe alahai kesiannya anak ibu ni

Catz: need a hair cut too