Friday, June 29, 2007

A Year Older

That’s right, it’s my birthday today.

Started the day with lots of SMS and wake up calls from friends and love ones. Thank you all for remembering :)

At 11:00am I went off to Kokitab’s parking lot. I’ve promised Ckin that the pack will wait there before our trip to Farah Sulyana’s wedding at Pengadang Baru. I’m quite lost with the directions, so Ckin will be the navigator of today’s trip.

We convoyed to the wedding and found out that the bride’s house was just next to Sri Wangsa where we had lunch the other day. Food was not bad; actually I’m pretty hungry since I purposely skipped breakfast for the wedding. Anyway, thanks for inviting us Farah …

My congrats to Farah Sulyana & husband for your wedding, and thank you for inviting us.

Farah (sitting) with the girls.

I’m no where to be found?

From about 2:00pm till 6:00pm, I was at home hibernating on my birthday evening. *LOL* … For those who have been looking for me and worried if something had happened to me … thank you for caring. I was just knocked out by over eating at the wedding … *LOL*

How I celebrate my birthday?

I had free lunch around 11:00am at the wedding … settled some unfinished business at the office … lost in time around 2:00pm to 6:00pm … repeated my visit to Air Buah Pior in the evening enjoying a medium glass of blended fresh orange lychee and spent the night at Tropix’s for some caffeine. *LOL*

Catz: Can't wait for my promised birthday present ... :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senja at Kelulut

Today at breakfast, Ben suggested Kelulut for the next makan-makan mission. Kelulut beach lies between Marang and Rantau Abang, about 30 minutes drive from town. But it took us forever to reach the meeting point. 30 minutes seems so far when you live in KT hehe.

Lately, makan besar has been our most active activity. Sitting together with wonderful people sharing some laughter and food really bond us together. This time around we ordered sweet and sour siakap & kerapu, tomyam, sup tulang, kailan ikan masin, siakap bakar and telur bungkus. Check out Fly & Boy's hand, tak sabar2 nak terbalikkan ikan. Orang demam yang baju oren tu lak senyap je layan food.

I like the candles. Nice settings, betul-betul tepi laut. We can even have an open spot next to the beach if we were there earlier. The view was splendid. Actually these candles were meant to scare away flies ... *LOL*

My sea coconut float. Simply marvelous!! Siap ada cherry on top. I'm not a big fan of cherry but the taste of the coconut juice plus ice cream plus cherry really compliment each other. Sedap banget.

Everybody was laughing at something, I don't know what. Yang pastinya, all lauk licin ... sikit pun tak membazir.

Surprise for me! ... no wonder I waited for them for nearly 30 minutes in front of Masjid Terapung, rupanya pakat2 beli kek yer ... siapa punya angkara!?? *LOL*

So nice to share a beautiful cake with a great company around you. It was awesome! If Aizah still in Ganu, boleh share the cake kan ... anyway Happy Birthday to you too Aizah ...

They really got me! Even though it's actually one day earlier, I'm really surprised. Thanks a zillion guys! Really appreciate it.

Catz: So sleepy to write ... *yawn*

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Friendliness Hurts

Met another friendly neighbor in the elevator today ...

Neighbor: Baru ke? Jarang nampak kereta park kat situ. (Showing my parking lot with his mouth)

Me: Dah 4-5 bulan dah. (exaggerating a bit ... *LOL*)

Neighbor: Kak dok tingkat berapa?

Me: Enam. (What!!?? He called me Kak? *Sabar*, controlling my friendly smile)

Neighbor: Macam bukan org sini jer ... gaya cakap lain.

Me: Saya baru posting sini ... enam bulan dah.

Neighbor: Dari mana?

Me: KL ( I got the feeling that he will ask the million dollar question!)

Neighbor: Habis? Anak-anak tinggal kat KL? ( I told you he would! Its the million dollar question! Being friendly does hurt sometimes ... *LOL*)

Me: A'ah (huhuhu sorry neighbor, I have to lie ... you won't believe me if I said "I have none!" ... hehehe)

Our conversation ended when the elevator stopped at the 5th floor. *fuh lega*

Lunch time: we went makan-makan again ...

The tribe decided to have some Sri Wangsa treat today, a place suggested by Me coz I'm craving for their masak tiga rasa. Aizah introduced this place during the first M2Farm interview session somewhere last year.

The delicious masak tiga rasa, ketam goreng bercili, tomyam campur, kerabu mangga and telur dadar. Yum!

Juara makan of the day! Orang lain dah stop ... diorang tak habis makan lagi ... Anyway memang sedap. Mahal sikit but sedap. Habis licin dikerjakan ... daun salad pun habis dimakan. Done with lauk pauk, diorang sambung with some pulut and bubur durian ... memang handal ...*tabik spring*

Chuopa took this photo at the traffic light. A Celcom Bilboard featuring Maya Karin wearing tudung. You won't see this in KL ... :)

Catz: Anak kat KL takde, tapi kat sini ada more than 200 ... huhuhu

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Somebody mentioned “Air Gelas Besar” before lunch. I’ve wanted to visit one of those stalls long before I moved to KT. Today, I got the taste of it.

It wasn’t a big plan for us. Someone made an impromptu idea and the rest just followed along. Around 6:00 pm we gathered at Sultan Mahmud’s Bridge looking for the stall called “Air Buah Pior”. Yeah! What’s with the name? Kinda funny right? I guess ‘Pior” means “Pure”. Just like they changed ‘Roti Pound’ to ‘Roti Paung’.

At ‘Air Buah Pior’, they served a truly refreshing fruit juice, simply blended with only fruits and no conservatives. They have three sizes of fruit juice, ‘biasa’, ‘sedan’ & ‘besar”. “Sedan” means medium, and it was written without the ‘g’? Chuopa said ... the locals will always pronounce it as ‘sedang’ … *LOL*

I’ll come back for more definitely!

According to Ben, Agus’s crib is just around the corner. Erm .. wonder why he has never invited us to his house? To Agus, (if you ever read this) … “Bila nak ajak makan lunch kat rumah?” :))

Sedan & besar!

Afiq pun join sekali ....

Ladyboh pun ada ...

Tak plan, tapi macam semua order manggo juice ... brapa kilo manggo habis to feed us agaknye?

Catz: Lepas ni try another gelas besar stall ...

Thursday, June 21, 2007


After six months in KT, we have experienced a lot of language mix-up. Sometimes we have to repeat our order twice coz we can’t understand what the other party wanna say.

Today at Tropix, we spot a new satay stall. Feeling for some satay, we ordered fifteen cucuk, five for each of us. Borak punya borak, the satay man came with our order. We started to dig in the satay while it’s still hot. Simply breathtaking … mmg sedap!

Suddenly, we found out that we ate more than 15 cucuk, Fly checked the resit and we began to laugh. Yes we ordered for only fifteen cucuk but ended up eating fifteen ringgit worth of satay. Confirmed salah faham lagi ni … so tak jadi diet today … *LOL*

Catz: Banyaknye makan hari ni ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thoughts of Karlsruhe

It is odd to think that this time last year I was in Karlsruhe with few other tribe mates … working and having fun walking two kilometers back and forth from office to our hotel. The thought came rushed in when KS mentioned it over the YM. If given the chance, I would like to visit Germany again someday, simply vacation and no work haha!

Some of the pics taken ...

Catz: Bila boleh pegi lagi?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rainstorm Transit

Have you ever ordered your dinner under a roof nearly blown away by forceful wind? Never thought I had to experience it here in KT.

Last night, after wondering around the Store, checking out what’s in for me to buy, me & Chuopa stopped at Tenang Seafood, the usual place where the tribe (Nicos & Macitos) went for a nice affordable meal. A minute after I parked my car, mild rain started to fall forcing us to hurry for shelter under the stall’s dusty old roof. We picked an empty table at the far most right of the stall. There were at least 10 other customers ordering and enjoying their food.

Right after we ordered food, suddenly rain came down in buckets, forced by a ferocious wind. Rain was falling horizontally soaking ourselves from head to toe.

Can’t snap any pictures as the rain was so intense that I’m afraid my camera will wrecked.

We hurry ourselves to the wall behind us near to the kitchen where everybody gathered for shelter including all the TS’s staff.

I’ve recalled YM status I made earlier this morning about a heavy snow hit KT … was this some kind of punishment for my faulty thought? ... huhuhu scary.

Within ten minutes, the wind headed its way elsewhere and we continued our dinner in soaking wet & cold. It was really soaking rite Chuopa? Or am I just exaggerating? *LOL*

As I wrote this entry, I was on YM with Azrul & Wkh as they and few others were at BBC office trying to finish off an urgent delivery tonight. Thank you for the commitment guys.

A view of Tenang Seafood's open space where the rainstorm hit us

Another view ... we sat under the roof at the background

This picture was taken somewhere in February 2007 when we exiting the office's elevator and headed to Tenang Seafood

It's good to experience something new, but make sure you can handle the heat ...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I dialed home yesterday after watching father’s day ads over the tv. It's not that often I get to wish Abah a happy father’s day since most of the time, the date slipped my mind … huhuhu.

For all dads, ayah, papa, abah, bapak out there, Happy Father’s Day to you all.

Oopsie, my wish goes to future dads too ... :)

Catz: Wonder what's Mak's plan for today ...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Thought does Count

As I went through my photo library from my hard disk, I found some photo I took in my office a few days back. It’s a picture of all the souvenirs I received within this year.

Thanks for the thought guys!

Catz: Bila nak shopping kat Jakarta?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

The breakfast club met again. This time we tried a new place, somewhere around Jalan Kamaruddin. Gma called it Nasi Lemak KL since they serve their nasi lemak KL style, with lots of lauk pauk.

Had no time to snap any pics, coz I’m busy enjoying my nasi lemak with sambal kerang.

I’ve dragged Pe’jah along this time. I’ve promised her for a tour around town this weekend before her trip back home to KL on Sunday.

Teluk Ketapang is a must in my tour list. So later in the evening, the tribe met again at Pakcik’s Hut, the usual place we went at Ketapang. This time around we ordered lots of seafood including 6 plates of squids & shrimps, 2 deep fried fish for Boy & Cik Sern and 6 plates of keropok lekor & the famous Ketapang’s cekodok. Melampau kan??? But we managed to empty almost all plates. As usual, Boy had the largest share of everything … haha.

The night ended at Tropix Bistro at around 11pm. We had some drinks and just chilled out watching “The Mistress of Spice” on the big screen.

This is not 'menara condong'!!!
A nite view at Masjid Terapung, Pe'jah is somewhere on the bridge ... hehehe

Catz: Banyaknya makan ...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Making Plans

It’s that time of the year again at work. Projects deadlines were just around the corner, but the tribe mates have these cravings for weekend getaways.

We’ve been in Ganu for almost six months now, but we didn’t have the chance to really explore the beauty of Ganu. So the tribe has been making some plans … a real budget one, just to accommodate our yearning and to fulfill a long overdue promise we made to ourselves.

The islands sound fun! For first timers like me, Cik Has, Azrul and a few others, the thought of spending a night on the island is simply overwhelming.

After an urgent project meeting today, we had an informal discussion in the hallway for the trip. We manage to get a few numbers and Chuopa made some phone calls right that instance.

We still counting on a budget trip, just a night sleep over would be fine … anywhere cheap and comfy would be nice. Let just hope our virtual plan will be a real weekend escapade. Then it would be nice to blog about it here. *LOL*

Weekend escapade ... err that guy on the beach, got nothing to do with me ... hehehe

Catz: looking forward for the beach ...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Talhah's Wedding

Since I’ve missed the one at the bride’s in Temerloh, my mom reminded me not to miss this one. For that reason, I went back to KL this weekend for my cousin’s wedding in Bandar Baru Bangi.

The theme was white and blue and it’s very easy to spot all the close families because all of them wore something blue; except Abah. We found a nice blue batik shirt for Abah the day before, he claimed the fabric was kinda hot and not comfortable, so he wore he's greenish comfortable shirt. But later in the afternoon he ended up wearing a purple collared t-shirt. Berapa banyak tukar baju daa ... ngalahkan pengantin hihihi :)

All Abah’s siblings were in town for the wedding. But my dearest second bro can’t make it this time; we’ve wondering of his whereabouts, the last phone call he made was from Qatar.

The bride and groom, Mohd Talhah Azman & Siti Aishah.

Congrats! guys ...

Some of the photos i took ...

We've done blue, creme, gold and blue again, wonder what's the next theme gonna be ... mmm please let it be purple

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Since Mak Teh & family were in town, I took them around Kuala Terengganu. After breakfast, we went to “Mesra Card & Joran Carnival 2007” at Batu Buruk Beach. There’s a fishing competition along Batu Buruk Beach, and all we could see along the road side was fishing rods.

After that we stopped at Dataran Shahbandar to check out Citrarasa Carnival. Most of the stalls was just started to open when we arrived.

I got the chance to see a nice view of the “Tanjung”, I believe that’s what the locals call it. The building in the background is current most expensive hotel/club in Kuala Terengganu - Kelab Teluk Warisan, Pulau Duyung.

It looked so calm. Some of the locals nearby gave me a big grin when I took this picture. I wonder what was in their minds. Maybe … “Punye banyok mende ade sining, wat pe tangkap gambar sampang?” … *LOL*

Catz: I missed another kenduri today ... *sigh*

Friday, June 01, 2007


I have about seven wedding invitations in this past two weeks. I only have the chance to attend only one or two.

For Suhanazainal, Fifi&JJ, Hafizhassan and Carjunkman, sorry I can’t make it to your kenduri. But the pictures look so fine and wish I could be there to see it for my self.

Some of the cards in my office ...

Catz: I'll take a rain check guys ...