Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Meeting the Masters

Who have never heard of Terry Thoren and Shahril Ibrahim? Well, I didn’t. Not before the launching of e-Farm by the state of Terengganu. We had a so called company event involving the state gov of Terengannu recently and two of the state guests were Terry and Shahril. The promotional bunting of the special guests was all over the town the day before the event took place. Who are they really? I was in one of the exhibition gazebo when I asked KS who they were. The Simpsons and Rugrats ring a bell? Of course! I spent most of my voluptuous time in the States watching The Simpsons and I don’t know who Terry is?

Terry is the CEO of Klasky Csupo and the founder of The Simpsons and Rugrats cartoon series. Shahril, a success Malaysian who works in Hollywood was the guy behind the creative effects work for movies like the Species, The Matrix, Airforce One and many more. Me & some of the tribemates attended the dinner talk by both speakers. Terry had invested in Malaysia to develop some episodes of their cartoon series and we had the chance to witness the sample of the completed development. The cartoon strokes really look familiar, frankly speaking, it look much alike the designs by our tribemates. So I guess we can really compete with the international industry, but not yet, not now. We have yet to improve a lot especially on the working attitude and ethic before we can end up producing a massive animation series like that. But nothing is impossible, if they can do it, so do we.

The nite before the event, the tribemates were testing the internet connection to Sophia, Bulgaria. The internet was running smoothly here, but unfortunately there were some internet problem in Sophia, so the event was canceled.

MB signing the M2Farm plate, watched by Terry Thoren, Shahril Ibrahim, Prof. Rahman & Jamil. Picture courtesy of http://www.terengganu.gov.my

All the happy faces taking pictures with the legendary Mr. Terry.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kedai Asap

Pagi-pagi lagi transporter dah call, barang-barang dah sampai KT awal pagi lagi. Sejam lepas tu baru kitorang muncul untuk bukak pintu. Nasib baik driver dua orang tu sabar je menunggu, siap boleh senyum-senyum gelak-gelak lagi. Dah settle angkut barang and kunci office semula, singgah breakfast kat kedai ‘Asap’, tu Ben yg bagi nama, rationale-nya sbb kedai tu sentiasa berasap. Makanan not bad, ayam bakar marvelous tapi service hampeh. Cashier yang juga merangkap tuan kedai ambik duit and bagi duit ala ala rampas dan hempas, pergh boleh di consider rude, tak kisah lah kalau sebaya atau tua daripada customer, cara greet sesama manusia perlu sopan. Mana kesopanan yang di war war kan?

Settle makan, gi hantar kete kat kedai wash car, sib baik bukak hari ni. Kesian my Gentz tu dah 2 minggu tak mandi. Asyik mandi hujan je mana leh jadi. Since kena tunggu sejam baru kete siap, so menapak lah balik apt, sampai kat lif rosak la pulak .. pergh, takkan nak kena naik tingkat 7 nih. Malang betul nasib hari ni. Nasib baik kereta berkilauan lepas basuh, cool down sikit rasa hati.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Home Alone

Home alone lagi. All the MR girls went back to KL last nite. Lala went back to Kemaman as soon as office hour ended. So back to basic, I’m alone again. Nothing much to do rite here in KT on Friday, everything is closed. Bila nak boleh tgk Permint Harmoni ni?

Thursday, January 18, 2007


It’s been more than three weeks since I’ve been transferred here in Kuala Terengganu. Finding a place to crash in is becoming a routine day by day. Every opportunity has its own catch which will later turn off our desire and excitement. Most of the time past office hours was spent worrying about a permanent place to stay.

After a long search, finally I’ve found a few choices that I would say as a short listed list.

Option1: Permint Harmony Apartments, about 500 metres from the office. A spacious 3- bedrooms apartment with 2 baths, a good security features and a designated covered parking space. The only catch would be the monthly rental, it’s quite expensive.

Option2: Kondo Rakyat, about 6-9 kilometers from the office. This low cost apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. A covered parking space is reserved behind the kitchen doorway. The catch would be, security is not guaranteed, and since I’m living alone, security would be pretty much top of the priority list. Rental is half the price of Permint Harmony.

Option3: Flat Cempaka, Seri Kolam, about 800 meters from the office. This 4th floor cute little apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 baths has a security features but with no designated parking space. Rental is a little bit more than Kondo Rakyat.

So which one to pick? I’m in dilemma.