Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Back from lunch, as usual we had a rest-before-climbing-3rd-floor-discussion at the lobby. A colleague of mine with a backpack on his shoulder wearing his white shirt and black pants walked into the lobby, putting on his necktie, getting ready for a meeting outside.

All four of us (all ladies) sat at the couch, doing what we're doing earlier, checking out the newspaper. One of us suddenly greeted my colleague, ...

"Bro, zip terbukak!"

Her sudden remark made him extremely shocked and tried to cover his fly. All the three ladies were in shocked as well. It was surely an awkward moment! *LOL*

"Bukan zip tu, zip backpack la!", she continued. Obviously, his backpack was wide open.

Laaaa ... buat terkezut je! Kesian bro, sure terkezut giler ... kui kui kui.

So morale of the story, if you have zipper issues, try to keep it as quiet as you can so that no one will be shocked and embarrassed ... tak kiralah zip seluar or zip bag hehehe.

p/s: jgn marah bro! :P

fly - a zipped, Velcro or buttoned opening in trousers, shorts and other garments covering the groin.

Catz: dah settle LHDN?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work Craze

Huhu dah bersawang.

I've been very very very busy lately, tak sempat nak update any entry. My streamyx is back to normal now, but I've yet to find a peaceful time to update an entry ... tatau la biler, soon I hope. To my readers, sabar menanti kay.

Catz: ... adverb, adjective, pre-modified, .... wut da hell? ergh!