Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Project of Mine

I've been meaning to start Khalisya's photo booking project for a while now. I have with me lots and lots of Khalisya's pictures that I kept safely in my multiple external hard disks.

Photobooking is not a new thing anymore since there are a lot of online services that offer the services. I chose for Khalisya's First Year Photobook since they're offering a nice deal of discounts for beginners like me. I bought a RM99 voucher for 40 pages of 11 x 8.5 imagewrap photobook. That is an awesome price since the normal price elsewhere would be between RM200 - 300. The best thing about this voucher is it valid until December 2015 (so I have less than 4 years to figure out how I am supposed to finish up this little project of mine .... LOL!!)

I also been wanting to start on a new digital scrapbooking hobby and this little project of mine seems like a good way to start, just hope I do have the time for this new hobby :)

sneak preview ... ntah bila bila la nak siap!

Catz: scrapbooking konon ... heh heh