Sunday, October 12, 2008

Open Office

Lama betul tak update ... been very busy with the big day preparation.

Our floor hosted an Open House event yesterday. The tribemates have been quietly organizing the event since the beginning of the week. Other than lots of food, we also had a gift exchange ceremony where everyone was required to contribute a mystery gift. It was fun! ... macam deja vu ... macam pernah ku buat sebelum2 ini ... :D

Some familiar faces eh?

Dessert section ... ni baru dessert nye ... blom main course lagi *LOL*

freshly baked cinnamon role ... talented betul dorang ni memasak ...

the tribemates ... old and new ones ... :)

my new family ...

Sorang pun tak ready dlm gambar ni ... isk

Catz: 2 weeks to the big day