Monday, October 20, 2014

Fighting Kawasaki Day 5 & 6

She had her 2nd dose IVIG yesterday. Temp pun nampaknya stayed below 37.5 from yesterday. She started to sit on her own. Alhamdulillah a good sign.

We manage to get an appointment @ IJN, tomorrow 21 Oct. The ambulance will take us there escorted by a doctor & a nurse.

Right after 2nd dose IVIG treatment habis ...
dah boleh duduk sendiri & main-main.
Owh that wafers tu, utk buat main kira-kira je 

Eventhough demam dah subside, ulcers satu mulut
masih blom baik ...
so still no consumption of food and drinks ..
dengan nenek, still nak berkepit
Catz: I'm nervous utk IJN esok ... huhuhu

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fighting Kawasaki Day 3 & 4

The IVIG treatment ended around 8am this morning. It took more than 12hrs since the machine pushing the the liquid stopped every hour. She will be monitored for 36 hrs, lepas tu kalau still demam lagi, they will start 2nd dose IVIG treatment. So another 12 hrs, another 9 tubes of human antibody.

Her temp was around 37.6 and stayed under 38 deg celcius all morning. So she slept all morning untill the visiting hours started.

Around 7:00pm, her temperature shoot naik ke 38.4 again. So tunggu till the end of the 36th hrs, the MO will make the decision samada kena start 2nd dose IVIG.

During the specialist visit in the afternoon, we heard a bad news. From the result of an Echo test, both Khalisya's coronary artery are dilated, and this is not a good sign. The MO will set an appointment with IJN for a 2nd opinion & Khalisya was diagnosed as Kawasaki Disease with bilateral coronary dilation.

I did some reading over the internet. Coronary dilation for KD is not a good sign at all. I'm hoping for a better result from IJN.

Practical doctors in da house
One of the practical doctors asked my permission untuk jadikan Khalisya as their subject or patience during a practical test. She selected Khalisya maybe because she's a special DS with Kawasaki disease. Agaknye la. I have no objection as long as Khalisya tak mengamuk. Lucky for them, she was sound asleep when their Prof came for the test.

Kalau dah demam, asyik nak berdukung jer .... 

Demam dah tak kuat macam before tapi
temp stayed above 37.5 kekadang cecah 38.6

Catz: Stay strong kakak ...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fighting Kawasaki - Day 1 & 2

The Docs still tgh rule out symptoms. They have to confirm samada betul2 Kawasaki or other type of fever such as Scarlet Fever or Strep.

There are frequent visits  from the MOs, they can only identify 2 out of 5 symptoms of Kawasaki. According to their practice, to be diagnosed with kawasaki, one need to have at least 4 out of 5 its common symptoms.
In the afternoon, during the specialist visit, 4 kawasaki symptoms identified. So confirmed diagnose kawasaki disease and they will start the medication immediately.

I was briefed by the MO about the treatment, medication & risk. She will be treated with IVIG (human protein or antibodi), aspirin (to prevent blood clot in coronary artery), antibiotics and full maintenance drips (sbb tak boleh nak makan or minum). Bila MO mentioned about the risk of the aspirin, berdebar jugak hati. Redha je lah. Kita cuba sedaya upaya & tawakkal.

So once confirmed diagnose with kawasaki, bermulalah series of blood test, chest xrays, ECG, Heart ECO and dental visits.

Sampai malam ni, demam Khalisya masih belum subside eventhough dah start high dose aspirin & antibiotics. Avg temperature.

IVIG treatment suppose to start petang ni but since demam tak turun lagi. Kena postponed ke maghrib. The IVIG treatment will take 12 hrs utk kesemua 9 tube dihabiskan. So esok akan around 7am baru habis.

Sleeping ... with her eyes open.

Crying for pain ... 

Catz: kesian anak ibu 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fighting Fever - Day 5

I went to work in the morning.

Mak call around 4, telling me that si kecik asyik merengek & nak dukung all the time.

So, I got off work after 530 and we went straight to a specialist hospital .... again. While waiting, khalisya merengek je, macam in pain. Duduk salah, dukung salah, semuanya salah.

When we finally got to see Dr Arbaiyah, she was very consent of Khalisya's behaviour, as if, she's in great pain... restless.

Her lips was so red. Her tounge was fuĺl of ulcers. I heqed Dr Arbaiyah mentioned strawberry tongue and some weird disease.

I was not feeling at ease at all, even the specialist was very consent of her condition.

Finally, Dr Arbaiyah said, "kita warded mama". I can't agree more. She needs special care since at home all of us don't know what to do.

Unfortunately, the rooms at the specialist hospital was full that night. She wrote us a referal letter so that we can go to HPJ. I opened the letter, and there it was, the unknown disease that she suspected. Kawasaki disease.

Nobody around me know what it was. I knew then, this is not a regular fever, and I don't want to even google about it. I'm trying to stay positive.

Khalisya was warded in HPJ tonite. No diagnose was given since there's no specialist.

No drugs was given to her tonite, not even a drop of PCM. The nurses recommended sponging untill they have the instruction frm the doctora.

Her fever shoot up to 39.6 tonite, and still nothing was given to her to subside the fever.

I can't really sleep tonite, her temp was so high I'm afraid she will get 'tarik'.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fighting Fever - Day 4

Tak sampai hati rasanya nak pergi offc. Dah buat sponging all nite pun demam masih shoot sampai 38°.

Dah 2 kali ke klinik biasa. Today nak bawak ke specialist, jumpa Dr. Khairul or Dr. Arbaiyah.

Rashes dah start banyak kat bahagian perut & pelvic area. Kesian si kecik ni, merengek je.

Dr prescribe antibiotic augmentine & supp. Selalunya lepas makan antibiotic, demam akan subside.

After the thrid dose, demam masih sama lagi.

Catz: trpaksa korbankan captivate & edge training .....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fighting Fever - Day 1 to 3

Its been 3 days of high fever. Takde sign to subside. Temp range from 38 to 40° C. Kesian my little sunshine.

The fever started suddenly, no sign of flu or cough. Bangun tido tiba-tiba temp shoot to 38°. PCM or Voren hanya akan turunkan fever ke 37.5°, ubat habis je, shoot semula to 38° or 39°.
I'm able to go to work half day on Friday tapi hati tak tenang sbb its not like her normal fever.
Since the first day sampai today, the third day, dah 2 klinik we all pergi. Both hanya prescribed voren & pcm as usual.

2nd day, rashes around pelvic area dah nampak. Quiet a bad rash. No wonder she's all cranky and moody. The only good thing was she drank a lot of water.

3rd day, bibir nampak kemerahan. She refused to drink or eat.

Clinic visitation chronology:
1st day - regular poliklinik
2nd day - hospital pakar (regular clinic)

Catz: tatau dapat ke training esok or tak....huhu