Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Worth of Waiting ...

I'm in a specialist hospital for a follow up appointment with my gynae. I came here this morning after sending little munchkin to school. Got me a number 15. Wah, I'm still early... so I thought.

It's nearly 12 noon, it's been more than 2 hrs, and the number on the door is still 9. It freezed quite a long time at 7 as the doc had to rush to the delivery room.

It's still a long way til my no to be called.

It got me thinking, the checkup will take about 15 mins or less, and I have to pay, of course, more than rm200.

Is it worth the waiting?

Catz: *sigh*

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This entry is posted to avoid me from dozing off in my client's office.

Am right now, doing some proof reading on the laptop and rendering videos on the client's mac but I can hardly open my eyes.

I haven't been sound asleep the whole week due to my piled up work plus my little sunshine was not feeling well the whole week.

So with all the overnight proofreading, video editing, sponging and nursing, I am now so damn tired. Not to mention a last minute catastrophe event where my IDs can't finished the scheduled assignment due to health issues and I have to take a desperate measure to finish up her work so that it won't meddle with the scheduled shooting week. And now my mind and body have started to give in. They wanted some peaceful rest.

Huh ... I'm awake now. Need to get back to work. Chow!

She's getting better

Catz: @Setiawangsa