Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kampung Bawah Atas Tol

I was at the iron-board when my dear neighbor called to inform that someone saw my completely flat rear tyre. I asked her “Empat-empat ke?”, and she answered. “No, satu jer”. Phew! What a relief, I thought the neighbors rejected me by poking something sharp into my tyres. It’s my fault, I really have problem with the parking space, too limited and I really need at least a few more inches for my Gentz to fit in.

Ckin came picked me up at PHA around 12:15pm, just on time as promised. Fetched Chuopa at FSK & transit to Fara’s 6211 before headed out to Ben’s house. Waited a few minutes before we drove our way to Nurzainab’s Wedding at Kampung Bawah Atas Tol. We arrived just on time for Majlis Bersanding. We got to see them bersanding before the bride her self came out and greeted us. The best thing of the day was the excellent food. Thanks Zainab for inviting us.

The bride and groom -Nurzainab & Muazam

Kampung Bawah Atas Tol

The bride herself came out and greeted us when we arrived. Rasa macam VIP pulak.

Souveniors from the bride ...

PHA - Permint Harmoni Apartment
FSK - Flat Seri Kolam

Catz: First time dengar nama such kampung.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Perkampungan Hadhari

We went down to check out the Perkampungan Hadhari at Kelab Teluk Warisan. The exhibition hall was so limited. I could make a few tawaf in no time. Luckily we had a booth under UPMN’s, next to D3D & Spike. At least there were places to leypark. The exhibition booth was quite small and can only cater for not more than 10 people at one time.

I asked Ben in the car, why did they call it ‘Perkampungan Hadhari’? Little that I know, it’s the version of ‘Sure Heboh’ for Terengganu … betul ke? or Ben’s just pulling my legs?

It's quite far! We had to walk back and forth in a semi-dark road to the parking lot.

The happy & tired faces of those yang bertugas untuk Co. & State. U go guys!!

Peak preview of the exhibition hall. Top-right was M2Farm's booth.

Catz: Still confuse on 'Perkampungan Hadhari'

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Catz's Weird World Tagg

Bloggers are liars? I believe that I do not belong in that category. I only blog when I have something going on. All of my writings, even though were not perfect and interesting enough, they are nothing but the truth. I won’t lie back then and I won’t lie now as I’m gonna tell about six weird things of The Catz.

I have been tagged by Wahdi for this challenge to tell 6 weird things about myself on my own blog. Then I need to choose 6 other people to be tagged, and leave ‘you are tagged’ in their comments. So here goes … for fun sake …

First weird thing: I’m a Korean drama freak. I collected original K-drama box sets and few of them I have not watch till today. Owning them would give some self satisfaction. I can’t afford luxury clothes, but I can meet the expense of buying K-drama series.

Second weird thing: I can’t live without cable TV and broadband internet connection. I’m not addicted to ‘em, but I can’t leave without ‘em.

Third weird thing: My mom told me that I like to hide some parts oh my body when I sleep. Sometimes I hide my hands under the pillow, cover my ears and head, hide my fingers between my knees, fold my legs and hide my toes.

Fourth weird thing: I’m a star of tears when it comes to movies and tv shows. It could involve an unstoppable crying. Back when I was small, I had my mom comfort me when I can’t stop crying watching an Indonesian movie … “Ratapan Anak Tiri”. The legacy continues till now, I can even cry if it involves an overwhelming happiness and fortitude.

Fifth weird thing: I’m a frenzy driver. I’m loose cannon when I’m driving. I talk & sing to myself when I’m bored driving. No wonder I’ve experienced quite handful of accident cases.

Six weird thing: I don’t like chicken wings because it is also known as chicken’s armpit.

Lucky I’m not challenged to write down all the weird things I have in me. The worst will remain safe with me … and me only. *LOL*

The 6 chosen ones:

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Catz: No weird no life.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

BBQ at Ibai Lagoon

The tribe decided to have a beach-BBQ get together yesterday. Everyone was there except Atras. We picked Kuala Ibai Lagoon because it’s close to Masjid Terapung for the guys to perfom their Friday Prayers. There were no planned activities other than enjoying the view & food, but we still had fun.

Waiting for PM ...

Nice location ...

Air surut ... sayup mata memandang, really nice view.

Dalam penantian ... tunggu ayam masak ke bang?

Seronoknya berkelah ...

BBQ grill buatan sendiri ... batu-bata dari rumah Fly & dawai by Azrul.

Sotong on the grill ... lazatz

Activity bermain layang-layang memakai pelikat ... Arin cekak pinggang marah uncle kain pelikat tu main layang-layang nye.

Future moms ...

Aksi Sinbad & Nujum Pak Belalang ...

Imagine Azrul & Ben berlaga pipi macam ni ... euwww, anyway Afiq cute

The guys ...

The girls ...

The comels ...

Aksi merenung masa depan ...

Tribute to Shonna ... Shonna & Firdaus's last day in Ganu ...

Bila nampak laut, wallet & handphone dicampak je ke tepi ...

Seronoknya bermain ombak di gigi air ...

Putihsalju on white sandy beach.

Click here for more pics.

Catz: Pantai ... ku kan datang lagi.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kenduri at FLY's

Promise all the BBQ-marinate-crew to help them prepare for tomorrow’s event. Fly volunteered to have his house as the port. We gathered at Fly’s around 8:30pm, just at the right time before Diary AF started. It’s quite fun and I don’t know how to put it in words. Like a déjà vu, I’ve experienced it before. Just like a gathering we did overseas, when everybody was far away from home.

Let's the pictures tell the story ...

The kupas-bawang crew ... yang tak tahan pedih mata kena duduk jauh-jauh.

Berapa punya banyak cili untuk air asam ... lazatz

Macam ni lah, happy-happy jer ... tak bagus kalau sedih-sedih ...

The udang-crew ... tgh marinate udang

Mana satu baby ni?

Chef No. 1, Chief cook of the day ...

Chef No. 2, department nasi & blender bawang ...

Chef No.3, diimport khas dari Kelang, pakar telur dadar ...

Chef No. 4, kena paksa masak ...

Yang semangak, yang comey, yang kurus, yang lebar, yang hendek ... semua boleh dimuatkan sekaligus kat dapur ...

Lauk pauk yang berjaya disediakan ... mmg lazatz, compliment to the Chefs ...

Waktu menjamu selera selepas penat bekerja ...

Orang lain tak habis makan lagi, depa dua orang ni dah masuk SECOND round.

Catz: The States in memory.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pengurusan Hati

Someone told me that I’m a stone cold when it comes to emotions. I would say I’m not 100% disagree on the statement. As a Cancerian, emotions and moods are the greatest assets I have which can easily affected by any unreasonable factor. I was trying to get out from the box, claiming that I can control my emotions. Somehow sometimes I got a little bit carried away. Now I understand that I’m just human, something is just meant to be.

Grab a new book recently, “Anggun di luar, serlah Pesona dari dalam”. I have no idea why I’m so attracted to the book. Somehow, I can get connected to the topics being discussed. Especially the one entitled “Pengurusan Hati”. Now I realize how important it is to take care of our emotions, not just to be emotionally unhurt but also helps to minimize the PHD (Perasaan hasad dengki) in oneself. Every one should have this called ‘heart management’, especially to those who like to talk about others behind their back.

Catz: Hati ku telah diurus :)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Last nite we went to Tropix's with high hope of watching Tirai AF5 Bhg.2 featuring all the AF5 boys. Yeah of course, our wish was granted upon request, but not for long. They switched to ESPN on commercial break and “forgot” to switch back later, leaving us stranded and confused. Nothing much to say after that other than abide with their decision. After all, Tropix's is a soccer fan café, our mistake to request for the AF show. *LOL*

Anyway, thanks for the treat Shonna!

Catz: Org Ganu tak minat AF