Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Doyang Fiesta

‘Duriang’, that’s what the locals call it but the tribe has been given it a new name, a fresh one, adding some spice to it. We call it ‘doyang’, sounds so manje kan? Tak sure who's idea was it. We have been craving for it for quite sometimes. So, today after work, we treat ourselves to a real Trengganu Durian Fiesta style at Payang. Since we’ve been waiting quite a while for the moment, durian Siam pun tasted so damn good.

Dua SME jemputan di sebelah kanan tgh buat sample tasting.

Brother tu belum kupas lagi, semua dah ready nak cekau se ulas ...

Ha .. yg tu bang! kupas yang tu! ...

Catz: Looking forward for durian kampung.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Few Bucks Richer

And old friend of mine landed a lead role in one of TV3's drama slot recently. So proud of him! He used to work under me as a designer, and just look at him now. Last night he sms me asking if i'm still using my number and since i have no credit left, i gave him a call, yeah yeah ... all the way from KT using my home line. To my surprise, he's actually looking for me. There's an unfinished settlement he said, he owes me something. Frankly speaking, i really have no memory on what he's talking about until he mentioned a freelance job i did for him about 5-6 years ago. It's really nice to hear from him again, especially the news he brought me. I'm going to be a few $$$ richer this week.

Catz: hmm what to buy?

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Now that I have my streamyx transferred to KT, I will be writing more often. So happy to finally have a broadband in da house and soon wifi in da house, it will pretty much help me with my latest ANTM collections. So, to those loyal ANTM fan, I'll update my collection soon for ya'all :)

Catz: am getting lazy to write lately ...