Thursday, November 07, 2013

There Goes My Wisdom Tooth

I've been having pain and infection caused by my upper right wisdom tooth. I had it remove today. I won't say it was a painless procedure. Despite the quite painful jab for the local anesthetic, I can't imagine going through the procedure without it.

When the numbness are gone, I can feel the absence of my wisdom tooth.

Catz: no more pain ...

Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Kahaani

It never crossed my mind that we gonna get lucky this weekend. I thought we will sleep in the maid's room or at least the staff's room but instead we were given a spacious and luxurious guest room by the pool. I heard that the room rate is RM1,500 per nite. We're so lucky!

The Kahaani Malacca is a boutique villa that offers a well-dressed suites with personalized butler service. Formerly the official residence of Malacca state Governor, The Kaahani is a symbol of prestige and class, promising an irresistible pleasure and elegant lifestyle -

From a corner of our spacious room.  I was mesmerized not just by the size of the room, but also the  gadget and furniture that comes with it.  The room also provide full Astro channels with home theater and surround sound system.

Even the little one love the ambiance.
This afternoon, we had the pool all to ourselves.

Catz: Awesome hubby's outstation trip ...