Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was dying to see Jumper since it started on Feb 14th. Lama dah tak tengok movie ni. Last weekend I had the chance to watch it at GSC Midvalley. We all tong-tong beli tickets (asyik nak kena justify why time2 gini still mampu tgk wayang! *LOL*).

It was quite packed at the time we queued for tickets. So after Asar, we went straight to the F&B counter for some munchies. The show was supposed to start at 5:30pm, but we went in 10 minutes earlier. It’s not that hard to find our seats since the audience were lesser than what we expected. We settled into our seats and start digging in our munchies. Movie belum mula, popcorn dah tinggal half *LOL*

And then the show started …

As soon as the montage played, terkezut tgk ada some Chinese aplhabets yang for sure we all tak faham what it meant. Rasa macam pelik ... takpe relax ... tunggu lagi. Then, title of the movie popped out ... CJ7! Ceh! confirm salah cinema! So dengan muka tak malu, we all senyap-senyap angkat kaki ke cinema sebelah. Nasib baik Jumper belum start.

So morale of the story, check dulu ticket jgn main redah aje. Tak pasal2 jadi Jumper sebelum dapat tgk movie Jumper *LOL*

Punya lah besar no 1 tu, tu pun boleh salah panggung ... isk

Eye of the Sunway lion. Photo was taken when we stopped for maghrib somewhere near Sunway pyramid. As if the lion is looking at us kan?

Catz: byk movie dah melepas nak tgk ...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

CC to The Rescue

It's so hard for me not to have internet connection at home. Now I had to depend on Cyber Cafe for internet. I'm tired of getting Streamyx/TMPoint feedback on my connection. I'm planning to discontinue their services and switch to any portable wireless broadband. Any suggestion of which services to choose?

20-02-2008: I got this for KS's birthday. Patutnya birthday girl yg dapat cake, tapi terbalik pulak ... birthday girl yang distribute this cute cupcake. Anyway, Happy Birthday ... wishing you (we all sekali hehe) a prosperous and happy year :)

I love this colorful chairs. I had a meeting at MDec Innovation Centre somewhere in Cyberjaya last Friday, so this photo was taken after the meeting. It's not just colorful and pretty, but also very comfortable to sit on.

Another view of the chairs ... cantik kan?

ps: photo quality is not very good, since the cc I went only have Paint for photo editing *LOL*

Catz: seminggu satu update .. aiyaa

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've abandoned this blog for quite sometimes. I doubt any of my readers are still checking in since my last entry (ada readers ke blog aku ni?). Anyway, thanks to those who still have the time to drop by.

I've been transfered back to KL for two months now, but I still have no time to update any entry. All the work, the tiring, the reunions, new activities, my pocket misery plus the problem Streamyx had given me have been pushing my energy level down below. I've been writing a lot offline, but by the time I sat in front of a PC in a CC, I'll be very lazy to update.

So since this is my first entry for the year, and I've missed a lot of entries, I'll just photoblog for my readers (I still doubt I still have any ... *LOL*) Abandoned ... but not forgotten :)

21 Dec 2007 - Have you ever tasted teh tarik dangdut version? Photo was taken in one of the beach resort in Besut.

22 Dec 2007 - I was in Besut the whole weekend of Aidiladha for my cousin’s engagement reception. Semoga di permudahkan urusan mereka sehingga ke jinjang pelamin … amin.

27 Dec 2007 - Getting ready for KL ... before (11:45am)

27 Dec 2007 - After ... 08:30PM. Dah siap packing barang, macam dejavu setahun yang lalu ...

28 Dec 2007 - Surprised, Surprised. Kali ketiga surprised get2gether for me this year. I was busy packing that morning (belum mandi pun lagi) when they came knocking at my door with lots of foods and drinks. Thanks guys … speechless!

28 Dec 2008 - Baby Haziq: Wonder how he look like now … :D

28 Dec 2007 - BBQ event with M2Farm’s first batch, walaupun tak ramai yg hadir, event tetap meriah. Siap ada hamper & cabutan bertuah.

Apa yang menarik sangat tu?

No wonder diorang asyik aje, sbb jarang dapat tgk kuda mandi laut … *LOL*

12 Jan 2008 - Photo was taken from Masjid Subang Jaya, lama tak dapat tgk pelangi …

Hmm ... I miss Trg.

Catz: hickory dickory ...