Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Workspace

Someone sent me this link about 50-greatest-computer-workstation-setup. Kalau compare to my workstations (all which I have assigned to), like jauh panggang dari api! I've been working for eleven years now and I have been assigned to fourteen different workspaces or workstations, tu tak termasuk the one I have at home. So I thought I'll share some of it in this entry.

Most of the workstations assigned to me have the same setup; open space classroom setup. I've also assigned to three cubicles and rooms so far. Lepas ni dunno where will I be stationed pulak :D

I've been in this workstation for four years, kalau tak salah from 2003 to Dec 2007 coz from Jan 2008 I was assigned to Trg office. I used to be one of those people who claim that they can work well in high-stress environment. Kononnya la kan ... kononnye ... my productivity is highest whem I'm in stress mode. But that was a long time ago la, people changed over time. I do too. Ok, back to my workstation, ntah apa ke jadah barang yang ada on my table tu tak tau lah, from sandwiches to DVDs to remote controls to craps, and of coz lots of project files lah kan ... kalau tak bukan office workstation lah namanya. Dell notebook tu, was the best notebook I've ever had, until bila dah pindah Trg pun, they still call it "Notebook Ain" :)

This is my workstation in Trg office. Not as cluttered as the previous one, tapi still berterabur. I like the orange-colored swivel chair tu, but its kinda hard to maintain the cleanliness, senang sangat kena stain, sweat pun boleh ada stain, ewww. I spent nearly a year at this workstation. One of the biggest room Iv'e ever had (of coz la shared with sorang gembala unta *LOL*).

Next is my workstation when I was called back to HQ. Not as cluttered as the previous workstation but still la nampak unorganized :D Kejap je I spent my time here, few months je I guess coz after that move lagi to a different venue.

This picture was taken from my the previous workstation. Sunyi sepi ... takde orang... Where have all those people gone. Kinda miss the old days *sigh*. This is the view of level 3 before it was shut down and closed from operation.

Actually, my next workstation was behind the venue of above pizza party. It was just a temporary location since we had to move downstairs after the mgmt decided to close level 3. I guess this was the final get2gether makan-makan session at level 3. We manage to sell lots of junk papers and treat everybody with Domino Pizzas. Thanks to Aizah lah yang bertungkus lumus to gather all the junks tu ... :D

Obviously, this is not my office workstation. This is my home workstation when I was still single. Now I have a smaller version of the one in the pic since I have to share the room with TK hehehe.

Finally ... my current workstation. I'm quite new here, so everything looks clean and organize. The table has this squeaking sound that always remind me that I'm in the office whenever I felt sleepy to death. Luv the black chair. The room is next to a busy but stop where I can always hear the conductor shouted "Chow Kit! Jalan Ipoh! Rawang!" ... *LOL*, and this is the same room which was robbed few weeks ago by a "Telekung Thief" :)

Noticed someting? Not a single one of my workspace has flowers or plants kan? Hmm I should get me some green plants in the future. Someone told me it is good for the Chi.

Catz: lepas ni permanently home workstation kot? heh heh

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Update ... Finally

As of 26th October 2008, Cik Catz is officially known as Puan Catz :)

Four weeks have passed the big day and the event went smoothly well. Thanks to those who came to my wedding and thanks for the gifts. I have yet to receive my wedding album soon, so currently I do not have any decent pictures from my camera to show. All I have are those pictures taken by frens and families.

Mr & Mrs TK

Compilation of pictures taken by frens and families ...

Zillion thanks to those who help me go through the process before the wedding day. U guys know who u are :D

Catz: tak leh panjang2, now kena share pc with TK, rebut2 ... huhu