Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Open House Anybody?

Attended BBC’s open house in the afternoon. From what I’ve heard they took only a day and a half to organize such beautiful and happening event. Good job guys … *siap ada AJK protocol* … :) They even have a custom made invitation virtual card with my name on it using Flash … cool eh? *LOL*

Anyway, thanks for inviting … it has been such a wonderful & well organized open house.

meriah kan?

leaders pulak lebih2 ambik gambar .... speaking of gambar, memang belum pernah ada gambar bersama camni ...

oldskool style ...

Catz: bkc sudah, bbc sudah .... kktb bila? *LOL*

Monday, October 29, 2007

Golden Langkawi

... that’s the name I’m looking for. Had finally tasted it earlier today when Azrul handed me a paper back filled with the fruit. Betul kata Jamil, it really taste like honeydew, sememangnya honey dew … Golden Langkawi honeydew melons.

Read the news about it.

I've actually cut it into half before put it back together for this photo ... hehehe ... nice golden yellow rite?

just like honeydew

This got nothing to do with the melon ... BKC had an 'open house' today and all the leaders were invited ... plenty of food for everybody. Actually I had 2 invitations today ... from KKTB's SB and BKC ... thank you all for inviting :)

my dinner ...

Q: who's Azrul & Jamil?

A: my colleagues

Catz: more open house 2moro ... heh heh

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raaji’uun …

Our heartfelt condolence and sympathy to two of our tribe mates and their families for the loss of their beloved fathers … al-Fatihah

We drove to Kuala Berang yesterday to visit Jah and family. It was my first trip to Kuala Berang, it took us about 45 minutes to reach the destination. And early this morning we spent an hour driving to Besut to visit Miju and family.

On the way back from Besut, there were lots of stalls selling all sort of ubi … ubi kayu, keledek, etc

This yellowish fruit caught our eyes and we’ve decided to stop to buy some for tasting. Anybody familiar with it? Jamil told me that it tastes just like honey dew … betul ke? Belum dapat rasa lagi since Azrul was the one who bought some … *LOL*

Catz: two trips in two days ...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Arrivals

I received couple of great news during my Aidilfitri break …

The first one … Congrats to Papa Chuopa for his new arrivals :) Now you have more reasons to master your driving skill ... kan?

Qaseh Ameera Zafeera ... hmm ada rupa siapa ye? Visit Chuopa's fotopages for more pics.

One more great news … McD’s in town peeps!! Boy sent me the SMS (kalau pasal makan bagi kat Boy!)

The first McD in KT, the one and only store in Paya Bunga Mall ...

The location? Just next to the town bus station ... strategic kan? Less than 5 minutes walking from my office ... cool kan? *LOL*

tgk dari jauh je ...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to Work

Putihsalju kembali bersiaran ... :)

It’s been a long wonderful Aidilfitri holidays, a tiring yet fun hari raya for me. Despite the ‘problem’ back at the office, I guess my holidays were one of the most memorable I had so far. I’ve been too busy since the eve and I didn’t have that much time to snap any pictures … so I have none to share with ya’all … :)

Anyway, thanks to those yg datang beraya ...

Catz: mood keje lom dtg ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Salam Aidilfitri

hiasi diri indah, riangkan hati gundah
bersihkan jiwa sesuci lebaran
agar sempurna malan, berdoa la insan di pagi raya
moga-moga terampun dosa …

Salam Aidilfitri buat semua kenalan dan teman-teman tak kira di mana anda berada …

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin

--- Find the others only on Babaflash.com ---
--- Supported by BukuKita.com ---

Putihsalju akan berhenti bersiaran sepanjang cuti Aidilfitri :)

Catz: nape cam aku je yg ada mood raya? hehe

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Last Iftar ...

Ramadhan: Day 27 | Drink: Pepsi | Main Course: Chicken Rice| Venue: Chicken Rice Shop
at KT ... :)

It’s my last iftar in KT before the long Aidilfitri break. I’m driving back to KL tomorrow at noon.

Chicken Rice Shop, Giant Hypermarket

You look like one ...

As I strode along the shops near the Giant Hypermarket, waiting for the iftar gathering, a guy approached me. I know right away that he’s one of the sales man from a near by store as he’s holding a few children story books in his hand … he said …

Guy: "Hi Kak! How are you?"

Me: "Fine tq … but I have no kids." (assuming he will persuade me into buying those books)

Guy: Oh ok! Are you a teacher by the way?

Me: Nope. (gave him a smile)

Guy: But … you look like one …

I wave my hands and walked away *puzzled*…

What’s with the teacher-look-alike and me? This is not my first time people mistaken me as teacher. "I look line one?" ... what did he meant by that? … ada motherly look kaaa? *LOL*

Camni kena apply KPLI … but wait! too late to apply daa … hehe

Catz: teacher?

Coffee Prince & Hana Yori Dango

Coffee Prince

I’ve completed watching 17 episodes of Coffee Prince few days ago. It took me 8 days to complete, including 2 days to download the whole episodes. Usually it took me less than 4 days to complete an interesting kdrama like this one … I was kinda distracted by two manga-based jdrama.

I would say that this is one of my favorite kdrama for 2007 and it will be listed along with My Lovely Samsoon for the best romantic comedy kdrama series.

The drama is based on a romantic comedy manga. It’s a story about a tomboy who’s mistaken as the apposite sex. You can read the synopsis here

Click the picture above for the trailer ...

Hana Yori Dango

Last nite I’ve just completed 9 episodes of Hana Yori Dango … another jdrama manga drama series. Like it a lot!!! One more good drama for jdrama junkies … totally recommended!!

I believed the famous Taiwan drama Meteor Garden was based from this series.

Watch Hana Yori Dango online at http://www.mysoju.com/hana-yori-dango/


find it at http://www.veoh.com

Hana Yori Dango Season 1

Currently, I'm on Hana Yori Dango Season 2 ...

Catz: gi iftar at Chic Rice Shop with everybody ...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Iftar Marathon

Ramadhan: Day 26 | Drink: Mango Juice | Main Course: Beriyani | Venue: Kokitab Meeting Room

Two days countdown to Aidilfitri breaks …

For the past few days, I had my iftar with the tribe mates. Mostly was spur-of-the-moments gathering … without anyone planning for it. Since I’ll be leaving for a long break in a few days, I have no intention to fill up my fridge, so I have to eat out … :)

Someone paid for my iftar at Tropix the other day. Celebrating on something?? … maybe!! … hehehe. Anyway congrats for your recent achievement … and thanks for the treat. We made the right choice for not choosing the buffet since we didn’t eat that much …

Yesterday, somebody mentioned about having our break fast at the newest Chicken Rice Shop right above Giants Hypermarket, but we end up having the iftar at Rasamas …

Rasamas is similar to Rasa Ayamas …

All 16 of us ... (including the photographer)

The team from HQ flew over today. We’ve decided to have our iftar in the office. Everybody went out shopping for food at the Ramadhan Bazaar and we end up having a full table of juadah berbuka … Seronok berbuka ramai2!!

Pose! ... while waiting for azan ...

Catz: cepatnye Ramadhan berlalu ...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Hana Kimi

Ramadhan: Day 23 | Drink: Pepsi | Main Course: KFC | Venue: Batu Buruk

I’ve just completed watching 12 episodes of Hana Kimi or Hanazakari no Kimitachi e series online … a Japanese drama series based on a popular shōjo manga series of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya. To those kdrama and jdrama addicts, you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

Watch Hana Kimi (Japanese Version) online at http://www.mysoju.com/hana-kimi/

Catz: currently watching Coffee Prince ...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Breakfast @ Break Fast

Ramadhan: Day 19 | Drink: Mango Juice | Main Course: Continental Breakfast | Venue: Home

First day of October …
11 days to project deadline …
2 days to tender submission ….
11 days to Aidilfitri holidays … Yahooooo!!

If toast, scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans and juice are considered food for breakfast, then I guess I had breakfast for my break fast today … *LOL*

Orange french toast and baked beans ... with scrambled eggs and cocktail frankfurter on the side...

Back at the office, tribe mates have started on decorating the front desk for Aidilfitri

Tadaaaa ... ada lampu lip-lap ... :)

Past office hour … some of the tribe leads still brainstorming on our latest proto … sampai dekat waktu berbuka. They going to ‘berkampung’ at the office tonite after iftar…

Right after iftar, my neighbor came knocking on my door to deliver the cakes … the daughter’s birthday … Happy Birthday Anis ...

pretty full