Saturday, December 31, 2011

Warded - HPAN Day 3

She's feeling better today. No tantrum ... smiling ... laughing ... playing ... until it's time for nebulizer again. *sigh*

Moments before the nurse entered the room
for a scheduled neb ... ceria je ...

Catz: think I should also take the Neb, batuk non stop & hard to breath ...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Warded - HPAN Day 2

Neb for every six hours ... they even woke her up at 3AM in the morning for the nebulizer. Khalisya dah phobia tgk uniform nurse.

She hate that thing very much!!!

Catz: Ibu is getting lesser and lesser sleeps ... sakit belakang wo tido atas a recliner ...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Warded - HPAN Day 1

Dah seminggu Khalisya demam and selsema tak baik-baik. Tido malam pun terganggu, tak nak makan & susu. This morning bawak jumpa Paed di HPAN, doc kata kena tahan since weezing dah kuat sgt.

Poor Khalisya ...

Baru dapat tido lepas kena nebulizer ....

Catz: sekali bagi nebulizer macam belut meronta ... huhu

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Little Princess Turns Two

The day my little princes turns TWO is also the day she catch my cold and got sick. This year takde celebration since everybody at home tak berapa sihat.

 Catz: selsema import from London ...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I was pretty late for work this morning and I asked Khalisya not to kacau Ibu, sit tight and read her book (her book = any magazine).

To my surprise, from the moment I entered the bathroom, sampai la siap kemas bilik, pakai baju and ready for work. All she did was .... read her book.

Gigih betul anak ibu baca magazine terbalik ... hehe

Catz: asyik lambat je now nih ... hehe

Monday, December 05, 2011

Mee Udang at Cafe Berisi@Medan MARA

I had Berisi Cafe's mee udang for lunch today. I ate alone since my colleague was fasting. The cafe boss stopped at my table and said "Selalu datang sini makan mee udang kan?". I gave him a smile with my mouth full of mee udang and nodded. I wanted to say that "I love your mee udang", but by the time I finished swallowing the food, he walked away.

I've tried the mee udang in May, and I've been returning for it since. I've took along some of my colleagues for the taste of it and all of them said ... memang sedap. Even though the prawns are small/medium in size, the taste is still good.

looks mouthwatering .... sedap pulak tu!

Catz: this entry was made during a review session ... hehehe

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Road Trip

I left home early this morning and ...

Khalisya was still asleep.

My appointment with the Editor was at 7:00am @McDonald, Equine Park, but I arrived 10 minutes early due to the smooth traffic. Then, tapau some breakfast and head off to the office for my colleague, KC.

My journey continued at 9:30am when we drove off to SMSS, Bandar Tun Razak. The meeting was so brief ... less than five minutes. Then, we took off for a meeting at McDonald, Kota Damansara. We arrived just in time.

The next meeting was in Peransang Templer Golf Club. As KC parked her M2 at DYMM Sultan's parking space, we worked our way to find the grand ballroom where "F1 in Schools Technology Challenge" event took place.

Next stop was KFC, Batang Kali. We managed to stop for some durians kat tepi jalan, tersangatlah banyak dijual along the road. Thought of tapauing some but since KC's M2 is totally brand new, we didn't want to spoil the 'bau kedai' smell.

KC made a sudden turn to the parking site, when we saw the spectacular view of the Batu Dam (Empangan Batu, Sungai Tua). And then we headed off to our client's office at Jalan Raja Laut to submit all the documents collected today.

We reached the office by 5:00pm and I need to run some errands before I went home.

I reached home somewhere around 8:00pm and ...

Khalisya was already asleep.

So to Khalisya, Ibu has been away to work from last night (when she fell asleep) till tomorrow morning (when she wake up).

Aiseh, macam pergi outstation je ..... :D

Catz: anyway, thanks for the ride KC ...