Sunday, September 30, 2007

Countdown to Raya Holidays

Ramadhan: Day 18 | Drink: Mango Juice | Main Course: Salad and Fried Meggi | Venue: Home

My juadah berbuka puasa ...

Catz : 12 days to Aidilfitri ...

Giant@Kuala Terengganu

Just came back from KL this morning ...

As I reached home from the airport, I reached my car keys and headed to the latest hypermarket in town … GIANT … located just next to Mydin Mall, making all available parking space near the location fully occupied. I reached Giants at 9:00am and guess what? There was no available parking at Giant’s car park. No wonder most cars were parked outside the gate.

I have to say the inside is pretty big, I guess the supermarket is bigger than Mydin’s. Couples of new fast food restaurants are located at the first floor … Chicken Rice Shop (first in KT), Pizza Hut (2nd in KT), KFC (4th in KT) and Roti Boy (first in KT … at ground floor).

So rite now, Giant is the latest attraction to KT residents, some said the whole KT was annoyingly jammed when Giant open its door on the first day.

Catz: Paya bunga mall???

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iftar with Admin

Ramadhan: Day 14 | Drink: Watermelon Juice | Main Course: Siakap tiga rasa, telur bungkus, tomyam, daging merah & kailan ikan masin | Venue: D'Tunggal

Admin staff decided to have a-get-together iftar this week. They have been planning this event for the past two weeks. And I was invited :) The initial venue was Ikan Bakar bawah jambatan, but *PM made some changes at the last minute.

As of this morning, dah 3 kali tukar venue, akhir sekali we all decided to follow PM’s choice at D’Tunggal(kata oghang Perak .. D’Tunggey .. haha). We’ve never been to this place before, so we’re a bit skeptical at first, but the food was not bad and everyone seems satisfied with the event … maybe la … at least I do :)

View of D’Tunggal. We are the first to arrive (my car & ben’s). Venue masih kosong, takde orang.

Our food dah ready menunggu tapi orang nye tak sampai lagi ...

While waiting, sempat Adik Megat bergurau senda with the girls ... look at his naughty smile tu ... sebijik cam Ben! hehehe

Masing-masing melayan perasaan time nak berbuka ... PM tengah check kalau-kalau ada yang tak cukup ... hehehe ... anyway good job PM, you've done a good job :)

I'm going back to KL 2moro ... flight at 9:20pm, but I guess I have to be at the airport around 6:45pm since all the taxi drivers nak berbuka puasa and reluctant to take anymore passengers around 7:30pm and above ... Berbuka kat airport aje lah esok (^_^)

*PM - Project Manager

Catz: had nasi today ...

Monday, September 24, 2007

I Can ...

Ramadhan: Day 12 | Drink: Mango Juice | Main Course: Pasta Tom Yam | Venue: Home

Alhamdulillah … it’s the 12th day of Ramadhan.

Tom yam campur! Yes … been wanting to eat tom yam these few days so after work I rushed to **Astaka for some fresh sea food (err fresh ke? Hehe).

And then …




Tadaaaaa ….

My version of Pasta Tom Yam … not bad! (perasan ... *LOL*). If my family knows I cooked this … they’ll be laughing sampai tergolek-golek atas lantai … hehe I can cook lar :p

** Astaka - the largest mall in KT before Mydin Mall ...

Catz: boleh tahan gak .. hehe

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Box of Joy

Ramadhan: Day 11 | Drink: Ribeprune juice | Main Course: Yong Tau Fu | Venue: Home

I never thought we will have any treat from the club this month. This box of dates arrived this morning. I was pretty surprised to receive it, but we’re so happy to have it.

Ramadhan al-Mubarak … thank you KRIS

I had these for iftar … a glass of Ribeprune (my version of ribena & prune juice mixture) and Yong Tau Fu. I’m actually a bit fussy when it comes to buying Yong Tau Fu, only the best source will get my attention. But I have no idea why I bought this at pasar Ramadhan … hehe. A little bit strange when the YTF came with suop … camne nak makan ni? *LOL*

Catz: craving for tomyam ...

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Ramadhan: Day 10 | Drink: Mango juice | Main Course: Pasta, Putu Bambu | Venue: Home

I was so excited to find Putu Bambu … one of my favorite kuih right here in KT’s pasar Ramadhan.

Putu Bambu are made from ground rice flour and steamed in bamboo tubes hence the name Putu Bambu. It’s soft and has cottony texture with palm sugar filling. It’s normally served hot with grated fresh coconut and sugar.

I guess there are many variants of Putu but all are made of the same basic ingredients, they only differ on the mould and presentations (eg: Putu Piring & Putu Bambu).

Bought this at Pasar Ramadhan this evening. It should have a cylinder shape like a bamboo, but the makcik wrapped it up too tight forcing the bottom layer to crush(pecah & penyek) ... *LOL* ... I love 'em anyway ... delicious!

My juadah berbuka puasa ... home made pasta and Peel Fresh Tropical mango juice ... what you guys have for berbuka? :)

Catz: puasa nasi

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eid Leave

Day 8

Ribeprune (my version of ribena and prune juice mixture)

Main Course:
Veggie porridge

Cost: Nil

I missed my sahur this morning. I woke up to a loud sound of Bukit Besar’s cannon marking the end of sahur (imsak).

Back at the office, people started to apply for Aidilfitri leave, maybe I should too. I’m planning to drive home two days early before the eve … promised Mak to take her shopping for some stuff for the Eid.

Somebody's new ride? Got this picture from its owner today, cool ride ... boleh lah tumpang lepas ni. Wonder who's car is this? Of course not mine! ... ask the daughter in the picture :)

Catz: dream car 2007 ... Lancer 2.0

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ramadhan: Day 6

Hari ni baru 6 hari umat islam menunaikan ibadah puasa & my 4th day berpuasa di Kuala Terengganu. Ada kelainannya ...

Walaupun selalu berbuka sorang-sorang, takde la rasa sunyi. Sebab setiap kali masuknya waktu berbuka dan imsak, akan diiringi dengan dentuman meriam (or maybe bunga api) yang kuat di Bukit Besar. Since apartment ni dekat sangat dengan Bukit Besar, cermin sliding door dan tingkap akan sentiasa menari nari bila meriam berbunyi ... hehehe. Itulah keunikan Ramadhan di KT.

Pasar Ramadhan kat sini pun tak kurang meriahnya. Ada a few location yang selalu dikunjungi ramai ... kat Cabang Tiga, Dataran Shahbandar & Batu Burok. Uniknya pasar Ramadhan kat sini ... kuih muih yg dijualnye bermacam-macam jenis, sampai takut nak beli sebab tak kenal kuih apa hehehe ... dan harga? absolutely murah! Yesterday, I spent only RM2 for my juadah berbuka puasa (Shonna jgn jelez! kat KL mana dapat RM2 .. kui kui) ... kalau plan betul-betul, sure boleh berjimat! (boleh ke jimat? *LOL*)

Lokasi dentuman meriam & bunga api
This photo was taken from my office window. Awan nampak cantik from my office window ... tapi awan di KT memang selalunya cantik dan unik :)

Catz: hari ni RM4 ... erks Shonna jgn jelez yach!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Berbuka at Fly's

First time berbuka puasa di KT hari ni. Around jam 4:30pm, Gma called ajak berbuka at Fly's. Pijot will be cooking katanya. Tak sangka, first day berbuka di KT dah ada yang bermurah hati ajak berbuka ... bertuah sungguh :)

So, after buying some fruits and kuih-muih, I headed to Fly's. Banyak jugak juadah berbuka bila dah dikumpul kumpulkan ... penuh semeja.

Thanks to the host sebab jemput we all berbuka hari ni ... semoga dimurahkan rezeki :)

Catz: umah akak tak cukup pinggan dik ... *LOL*


Pak Long passed away this morning. I got the news as soon as my flight landed at KT airport around 8:10am.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat … al-Fatihah

Catz: wish i could go ziarah ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

"Ramadhan is a month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is freedom of fire"
The Prophet

Tulus hati mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan yang disengaja mahupun tidak disengajakan ...

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

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Catz: Ampuni aku dari segala dosa-dosaku, ampuni aku menangisku bertaubat padamu ...

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Mak on TV3 tonite! Enterframe in one of the TV3 show … *LOL*

This is the third time Mak on air, the previous shows were Casa Impian and Bulletin Utama … years ago!

Bravo Mak! Glamer lah tu ... suka sgt enterframe … *LOL*

** Mak is my Mom ok! muhahahaha

Catz: lepas tv radio lak ... kui kui kui

KB Trip

We’ve been talking about this trip for quite sometimes.

So, yesterday, we drove off to KB around 0900 hours. 3 cars, 8 adults and 3 kids joined yesterday’s trip. We planned to visit a few shopping attractions, visit Baby Haziq and of course to fill the invitation by Wkh’s mom to have lunch at their house :)

Wkh lead the way straight to KB Mall. We ventured into KB Mall to see what it was like. If there were one area I was amazed with, it would be here. I was expecting for some low scale shops with small visitor parking areas but I found it totally opposite. (Wonder when KT Mall will open it doors to public ...)

The first thing we did when we entered KB Mall was ... finding McDonalds :) So, lepas jugalah craving ... KT tak dok mende ning! *LOL* The pic above was taken at McD. Puan Raja ter enterframe ... :)

The girls requested to visit Pasar Siti Khadijah. It's quite similar to KT's Pasar Payang. I've nothing to find here since I've been to Payang a lot ... hehe

Have you seen a langsat(or duku langsat) tree before? I spot this while waiting for Wkh somewhere at the roadside. It was my first sighting of the tree ... (kat Bangi mana ada pokok ni!) hehehe

Comelnya Baby Haziq. Ada rupa siapa ni ye? Jauhnya merenung masa depan. Cepat besar ye nak ... esok-esok boleh jadi programmer macam ayah & ibu :)

Psst ... teringin ke? *LOL*

Nak adik gak ye??

Cakks!! Buat apa kat belakang tu??

Ready nak balik dah. Pic taken di perkarangan rumah Wkh. Thanks to Wkh sebab sudi terima we all datang ramai-ramai, and thousand thanks for the delicious masak lemak udang yang sedap, ikan goreng yg menyelerakan, sayur with daging yang menggiurkan, ulam-ulaman & sambal belacan yang marvelous dan akhir sekali yang paling penting ... air anggur yang menghilangkan dahaga we all yang seharian berjalan :) *Lain kali boleh datang lagi ek? *LOL*

Bubbye! Manisnye senyum adik Megat time nak balik, siap babai babai lagi .... *susah nak suruh dia senyum camni*

Catz: there will be a 2nd trip to KB ... definitely :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Decade

The number 10 is a big one for the Co. this year as we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this month.

I’ve joined the Co. nearly a decade ago. It’s been an amazing nine years and seven months. I hope it will be an amazing journey forward … insya-Allah.

Viva Co.!

Catz: semoga segala usahamu diberkati ... amiinn

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

August 14th

As I went through my blog, reading all the previous entries, I was shocked when I saw August 14th entry.

In my whole life, I’ve been acquainted with August 14th quite a few times!

I flew off to the States on August 14th 1994 around 12:30pm to begin with and I reached LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) the same day, the same time at noon August 14th 1994.

My entry of “New Look, New Location” on August 14th 2006 was actually my first entry for Putihsalju. That means August 14th 2007 was actually Putihsalju’s birthday peeps! How can I forgot my anniversary? I was so busy with work in KT and got caught up in the maelstrom of my everyday life … anyway …

Happy Anniversary Putihsalju

and thank you all for reading ...

Catz: getting married on August 14th? Nahhh … I don’t think so … he he

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cancelled and Delayed

Every year Muslims in Malaysia will wait for the announcement from the “ Keeper of The Rulers’ Seal” or “ Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja” on the eve of Ramadhan & Syawal. Last year I missed the announcement for both nights because I was too busy chasing deadlines back at the office. This year, I’m gonna miss the Ramadhan eve announcement again since my flight at 0820 hours is cancelled and moved to 2120 hours.

Lucky it will be delayed at the same day, kalau tak? Nangis tak berlagu lah … huhuhu

Catz: can't wait for Ramadhan ...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Happy 50th Merdeka Anniversary to all Malaysian citizens where ever you are :)

Catz: celebrate merdeka alone ...