Saturday, December 30, 2006

7 Years Pack in Boxes

I’m leaving CMD today with mixed ball of emotions. On one hand I’m sad to be leaving my tribe mates, my workspace and the environments. But on the other hand I’m quite excited about branching out to grab a challenging opportunity and living a new life in a new town.

It took me about four hours just to clear out things from my workspace. Imagine seven years of documents to be packed in a few boxes, totally crazy. There’s a lot shredding activities going on, not to mention tearing, throwing and crumpling. I just hope Kak Mas would not be angry when she saw the mess I did and the number of black dumpster bags waiting to be picked up on Wednesday morning.

Before ...

After a while ...

After 4 hours ...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Last Bash

‘Birthday Bash’ … sounds catchy right? Tak sure idea siapa, but it sounds so funky & fun. Few days ago, Azie keep pushing me untuk buat the last bash before Trg operations start. Since I have so many chores to cover before my leaves, so tak layan sangat permintaan Azie tu, kesian Azie … sorry dear. But Azie tak patah semangat, dia kautim dengan Shonna, tup tup … tau tau dah kutip duit dah for the last birthday bash for 2006.

This last bash covers for September, October, November & December birthdays. So altogether ada twenty one tribemates yang perlu diraikan. Seronok dapat raikan semua, but a bit sad since I have to leave for Trg in less than a week.

Barisan tribemates yang dirai ...

Kek coklat tempahan dari FLY

Kek close-up. Erks .. ada tribemate nama pajoo?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tipah Tertipu at Nandos

Dah lama craving nak makan Extra Hot Peri Peri Chicken Nandos so me and the tribe went off to the Mines. It was that voucher Apiz gave us that made us decide to go treat ourselves. Mula-mula ingat nak guna satu voucher sorang, Tanya waitress Nandos tu, diorang bilang satu voucher for 2 or more chicken meal in one receipt. Nak tak nak kena share le one voucher for 2 people. So since I’ve been craving nak makan Nandos regardless the price, I offered not to use the voucher. Shonna kongsi ngan Bib, Chuop with Pajoe, tapi soft drinks yang satu jug tu tak sure masuk tab siapa … anyway jgn lupa mintak before akak drive off to Trg yer … hehehe.

Yum! Extra Hot Peri Peri Chicken Nandos

Kena tipu pun happy jer ...

Tribe of the day ...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Bro

The whole clan had dinner at a local restaurant near town. Cempaka Rimba's the name. It was the first time for AbgSham & Abah. The food was good and we had fun. It was on AbgSham's tab of course. Thanks & Happy birthday Bro, semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Return of Andak

Andak came back yesterday. No wonder my eye-lids keep moving lately. It’s a sign. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them. The whole clan waited since yesterday’s evening and Andak’s flight finally touched down at around 7:15pm. Pity them who waited at the airport since 3:00pm. The flight delayed due to some complications in Heathrow Airport. Congrats to Dr Andak & wife for the completion of their Phd.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Pushing The Limit

Aaah at last, a new entry!

Busy. That’s the word to put it. Wish I could update my blog everyday. I’ve just completed a very short, emotional, and tiring project. I’m not just pushing my own limit, but I have to push others as well. How to motivate those fatigue and emotionally unstable people to fight along till the end? I don’t know! They just keep fighting along with me. I salute them for that. Thanks people.

Nearly two weeks without enough sleep made me feel like zombies. I really am. I can’t focus on what people say, I walked to follow where my feet wanna go, I drove with my eyes closed, felt hungry and yet I didn’t have the appetite to eat, my energy was totally burned out.

Bila nak cuti panjang ni?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Manic Friday

3:31 am - Still di office.
Oh mata, kenapa mengantuk? Ada lagi yang perlu dijenguk.
Oh badan, kenapa penat? Esok byk lagi aktiviti perlu dibuat.
Oh fikiran, kenapa runsing? drM buat kau pening?
Oh lutut, kenapa sakit? Sedari tadi terasa perit.
Oh perut, kenapa semacam? Esok jgn pulak meragam.

4:26 am - Di office.
Insan-insan yang masih berjaga dah berkurangan. Ada yang dah parking kat surau. Ada yang masih berkerut-kerut dahi menyudahkan yang tak sudah. Ada yang dah balik. BD called tanya if ada yang ready to package. Our cut off time kul 5:00 am, so kena tunggu 2 hrs kot.

5:30 am - Office ...
Belum ada yg start packaging. Boleh landing dulu ni sementara tunggu. Surau ... here i come.

6:30 am - Office ...
Terjaga. Surau dah kosong. Still blom ada yang package lagi. Ngantuknye ...

10:00 am - Office
Selamat burn semua. Kena pegi Shah Alam utk project lain ... Ngantuknya ...

11:30 am - Shah Alam
Lambat sampai. Jam teruk kat Subang. Review ada prob!! arghhh! ... Ngantuknya ...

1:30 pm - Shah Alam
Small discussion. Dah nampak jalan penyelesaian, tapi masih kabur ... Ngantuk + Penat tak terhingga ... nak lunch pun tak selera (blom jamah makanan dari pagi)

2:30 pm - Shah Alam
Sessi pujuk memujuk. Payah betul. Jalan dah nampak, tapi perlukan commitment tinggi.

3:00 pm - Shah Alam
Masih sessi pujuk memujuk. Rupanya ikhlas juga cik Puan ni.

4:00 pm - Highway
Ngantuk + Penat, handphone habis batt, so tak boleh nak discuss on next planning dengan sapa-sapa pun. Argg .. GEC called pulak. Pajoe oh Pajoe ... alahai, rupanya tak dapat call 'A'. Lucky dia boleh accept appologies & sebab-sebab lambat.

4:30 pm - Highway
Singgah Dunkin Donut. Ngantuk bukan alasan untuk tidak ber'donat' ... yumm!

4:45 pm - Home
At last sampai gak rumah. Call semua yang patut.

5:33 pm - Home
Belum rehat lagi. Belum tido lagi. Perut belum isi. Baru teringat ... what's the point of this entry? hehehe ... Roger n out .. thanks kerana membaca :)