Monday, March 25, 2013

Starbuck Wannabe

A colleague sent us this image ...

Since we're not able to join them there, we've created a similar ambience ...

Catz: nice coffee :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Splash @ Teh's

Couple of weeks ago, we went to my SIL's at Mentakab for her youngest son's reception. Since hubby was working half day, so it was a late arrival for us at Mentakab. And of coz, hubby's favorite masak tempoyak ikan patin, dah tinggal kuah je. :) Upon arrival, we're amazed of the new pool Teh built for her grandchildren. Khalisya was pretty excited to see all her nephews and nieces playing in the pool. Since its getting dark outside, we've decided to spend the night at Teh's.

 The next afternoon, my BIL was kind enough to cook his signature dish 'masak tempoyak ikan patin' for us. It was superb and we even brought back some for my parents.

Teh's pool is surrounded with her fauna and flora. She sacrificed her precious flower gardens for her grandchildren. 

 Khalisya was too excited sampai tak nak get off the pool 

Khalisya and ayah ... rite after this photo was taken ... I fell flat on my back near the pool ...

Catz: *Ouch*

Sunday, March 03, 2013

My First Pandora

I've been wanting to own a Pandora bracelet for so long but it's just not in my budget. It's somewhere at the top of my wish list, but nowhere in the priority list. I've been admiring it for quite a while now. Every time me and colleagues walked passed the Pandora store, we will stop to look around.

My brother surprised me and Mak yesterday by getting us a bracelet each. Like a dream come true, angan-angan yang jadi kenyataan. Macam tak percaya je. Definitely a big freaking surprised for me! So as of Saturday, 02 March 2013, I'm officially a Pandora owner and am looking forward to adding more charms to the bracelet in the years to come.

I have no idea of what was in the white paper bag since I was so busy entertaining Khalisya and I forgot to read the sign in front of the paper bag.

My own ...

Catz: Sgt suke ok!