Monday, December 29, 2008

Maal Hijrah 1430H

Salam Maal Hijrah buat semua rakan-rakan dan taulan. Semoga tahun baru ini membawa keberkatan kepada kita semua dan semua umat islam sedunia.

Doa Awal Tahun

Segala Puji Hanya Bagi Allah, Tuhan Yang Memellihara dan Mentadbir Sekalian Alam. Selawat Dan Salam Ke Atas Junjungan Kami Nabi Muhammad SAW Serta Keluarga Baginda Dan Para Sahabatnya.

Ya Allah! Engkaulah Yang Kekal Abadi Untuk Selama-Lamanya. Demi Kelebihan-Mu Yang Maha Agung Dan Kemurahan-Mu Yang Melimpah. Sesungguhnya Pada Tahun Baru Ini Aku Memmohon Kepada Engkau Perlindungan Daripada Syaitan Yang Direjam Dari Sekalian Konconya, Tenteranya Dan Penolongnya.

Aku Juga Memohon Perlindungan Daripada Nafsu Amarah Yang Sentiasa Mendorong Ke Arah Kejahatan Dan Melalaikan Dengan Perkara Yang Tidak Berfaedah Daripada Mendekatkan Diriku Kepada-Mu.

Selawat Serta Salam Ke Atas Junjungan Kami Nabi Muhammad SAW, Dan Ke Atas Keluarga Baginda dan Para Sahabatnya. Segala Puji Hanya Bagi Allah, Tuhan Yang Memelihara Dan Mentadbir Sekalian Alam.

Amin ....

Catz: tanam azam baru ...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Makan-makan

Lama tak makan steamboat. The last time I had one was in September with some friends. My bro booked a table at Tupai Tupai for a "eat-all-you-can" steamboat buffet. So the whole bunch drove down to Tupai Tupai for the treat. They were five of us before, and now there are six hehehe .... err seventh member coming soon? *lol*

Of course there are lots of meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, seafood and all type of noodles. They also served spaghetti with marinara sauce, fried noodle, porridge and Chinese fried rice for the buffet. I had plenty of tofu sampai perut bloated. The desserts were simple and interesting; tapai ubi dipped in a milky sauce (this is new for me), cute little mini pau, ice creams and lots of fruits. Sorry no pics of the food, tgh sedap makan mana sempat snap pictures.

We had a blast, and everybody was happy and full. There's a rule in Tupai Tupai, all leftovers will be weight and customer had to pay RM10 for each 100gm leftovers on the table ... so habis licin we all kerjakan, tak nak tinggal secebis makanan pun *lol*

Selalu pegi siang je, the view at night lagi cantik, baru nampak all the traditional deco and chandelier. Sesuai utk family get together.

Sempat bergambar before balik ... ni kepala anak siapa ter enterframe ni ... *lol*

Catz: ... org belanja mmg best! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

See You Again Next Year!

Rules are rules. We must obey rules ... kan? Dalam company policy, cuti tahunan tak akan di carry forward ke tahun hadapan and perlu dihabiskan before masuk nxt year (dengan izin superior masing-masing). So, as of tomorrow, I'll be on leave til' nxt year ... yahoooooooooooo!! Syiok ngalahkan cuti kawen *lol*

Catz: ... syiok!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Day We Realize Our Inglis Suxs

Today mark the end of our software training. The instructor diimport khas all the way from India. And of course we had lots of communication breakdown.

Antara contoh-contoh phrase yang terkeluar masa communication with our instructor ...
" ... tapi still cannot ..."
" ... into tu ..."
" ... how ... eh camne nak cakap ek?"
" ... this was developed using .... yang ni pulak developed using ..."

and a lot more *lol*

Bukan tak terel English, most of us scores flying colors during our study years, cuma kurang practice in daily routine, tu sbb tergagap gagap bercakap impromptu ... kan?

Anyway, Ms Bharti (our instructor) was one hell of a sporting instructor. Even though she could not understand our language but she managed to laugh at any jokes we had in BM hehehe. And thanks to her that we are now experts in Elicitus and Raptivity.

Also thanks to the girls sbb bawak Ms Bharti jalan-jalan KL.

buat peace and say cheese!

Catz: we shud speakk mor inglis lah ... hehe

Monday, December 08, 2008

Salam Aidil Adha 1429H

Salam Aidiladha untuk semua rakan-rakan dan pengunjung Sama-sama kita hayati perngertian Aidiladha dan Perngorbanan dalam diri kita sebagai hamba-Nya semoga tahun ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

Catz: TK had to work ... pengorbanan tu :D

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who Cares

Who would care if we disappear? Who would care if we were stranded in the middle of the rain? She would ... she cares.

We were walking back from lunch when out of the blue the rain fell in buckets. Lucky we manage to find a decent place to hide from the rain, but unfortunately the time has no pity on us. It was nearly 2:30pm and we're still stranded elsewhere outside the office area. Would anybody care of our disappearance? Would they care if we explain that we're late because of the rain? Of course they do ... hehehe.

A nice Indian lady came along offering her umbrella for us to use to cross the busy street. Alas we can't accept her offer since there were three of us and there's only one umbrella. How kind of her ... kan? Pernah jadi to you guys ke when a stranger came to offer his/her umbrella macam our case ni? Most of the time, the don't care ... but at least she cares. Out of many people with umbrella who passed us by, she's the only one who cares. Thanks a zillion.

I need to find a strategic spot for my mobile to alert me when there's incoming call or sms, we have a new rule now in the office "Handphone must be silent". lol. Would I care if I missed a lot of call or sms? Of course I do ... :D

Catz: phone silent ... ok, no food ... not ok *lol*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Workspace

Someone sent me this link about 50-greatest-computer-workstation-setup. Kalau compare to my workstations (all which I have assigned to), like jauh panggang dari api! I've been working for eleven years now and I have been assigned to fourteen different workspaces or workstations, tu tak termasuk the one I have at home. So I thought I'll share some of it in this entry.

Most of the workstations assigned to me have the same setup; open space classroom setup. I've also assigned to three cubicles and rooms so far. Lepas ni dunno where will I be stationed pulak :D

I've been in this workstation for four years, kalau tak salah from 2003 to Dec 2007 coz from Jan 2008 I was assigned to Trg office. I used to be one of those people who claim that they can work well in high-stress environment. Kononnya la kan ... kononnye ... my productivity is highest whem I'm in stress mode. But that was a long time ago la, people changed over time. I do too. Ok, back to my workstation, ntah apa ke jadah barang yang ada on my table tu tak tau lah, from sandwiches to DVDs to remote controls to craps, and of coz lots of project files lah kan ... kalau tak bukan office workstation lah namanya. Dell notebook tu, was the best notebook I've ever had, until bila dah pindah Trg pun, they still call it "Notebook Ain" :)

This is my workstation in Trg office. Not as cluttered as the previous one, tapi still berterabur. I like the orange-colored swivel chair tu, but its kinda hard to maintain the cleanliness, senang sangat kena stain, sweat pun boleh ada stain, ewww. I spent nearly a year at this workstation. One of the biggest room Iv'e ever had (of coz la shared with sorang gembala unta *LOL*).

Next is my workstation when I was called back to HQ. Not as cluttered as the previous workstation but still la nampak unorganized :D Kejap je I spent my time here, few months je I guess coz after that move lagi to a different venue.

This picture was taken from my the previous workstation. Sunyi sepi ... takde orang... Where have all those people gone. Kinda miss the old days *sigh*. This is the view of level 3 before it was shut down and closed from operation.

Actually, my next workstation was behind the venue of above pizza party. It was just a temporary location since we had to move downstairs after the mgmt decided to close level 3. I guess this was the final get2gether makan-makan session at level 3. We manage to sell lots of junk papers and treat everybody with Domino Pizzas. Thanks to Aizah lah yang bertungkus lumus to gather all the junks tu ... :D

Obviously, this is not my office workstation. This is my home workstation when I was still single. Now I have a smaller version of the one in the pic since I have to share the room with TK hehehe.

Finally ... my current workstation. I'm quite new here, so everything looks clean and organize. The table has this squeaking sound that always remind me that I'm in the office whenever I felt sleepy to death. Luv the black chair. The room is next to a busy but stop where I can always hear the conductor shouted "Chow Kit! Jalan Ipoh! Rawang!" ... *LOL*, and this is the same room which was robbed few weeks ago by a "Telekung Thief" :)

Noticed someting? Not a single one of my workspace has flowers or plants kan? Hmm I should get me some green plants in the future. Someone told me it is good for the Chi.

Catz: lepas ni permanently home workstation kot? heh heh

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Update ... Finally

As of 26th October 2008, Cik Catz is officially known as Puan Catz :)

Four weeks have passed the big day and the event went smoothly well. Thanks to those who came to my wedding and thanks for the gifts. I have yet to receive my wedding album soon, so currently I do not have any decent pictures from my camera to show. All I have are those pictures taken by frens and families.

Mr & Mrs TK

Compilation of pictures taken by frens and families ...

Zillion thanks to those who help me go through the process before the wedding day. U guys know who u are :D

Catz: tak leh panjang2, now kena share pc with TK, rebut2 ... huhu

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Open Office

Lama betul tak update ... been very busy with the big day preparation.

Our floor hosted an Open House event yesterday. The tribemates have been quietly organizing the event since the beginning of the week. Other than lots of food, we also had a gift exchange ceremony where everyone was required to contribute a mystery gift. It was fun! ... macam deja vu ... macam pernah ku buat sebelum2 ini ... :D

Some familiar faces eh?

Dessert section ... ni baru dessert nye ... blom main course lagi *LOL*

freshly baked cinnamon role ... talented betul dorang ni memasak ...

the tribemates ... old and new ones ... :)

my new family ...

Sorang pun tak ready dlm gambar ni ... isk

Catz: 2 weeks to the big day

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Iftar the Western Way

kononnye la ... :)

We tried a western steak house somewhere in Kg Baru. Why Kg Baru? ... It's TK's idea to go there ... if given the option, this area will be last choice at this point of time ... not bcoz of the food, but bcoz of the traffic. We're lucky to find a parking spot very near to the steak house, and also very near to Masjid Kg Baru.

Th food was ok, a set of chicken grill consist of mash potatoe, coleslaw, corn on the cob, grilled chicken with lots of black pepper source for only RM7.50 and we ordered freshly blended fruit juice for only RM2.50 per big glass ... murah kan?

the scenery from my table ... of coz the setting was dark and cozy ...

the steak house ... Human Resource Steak House?? *LOL* I didn't have the chance to ask the owner :D

iftar for 2 pax, tapi airnya ada empat hehehe ... those fruit juice was only RM2.50 each ... murah for a freshly blended fruit juice

Catz: letihnye iftar kat luar ...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Left High and Dry

I was one of those people yang berduyun-duyun membanjiri Station LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan bila kami diarahkan untuk mengosongkan train yg dinaiki semalam. Of coz semua orang terpinga-pinga fikirkan alternative lain utk pulang berbuka puasa. At 7:00pm, kami masih berdiri menunggu bas yang sepatutnya disediakan oleh pihak Rapid, ada jugak yang rajin bertanya pada attendant yang bertugas kenapa train hanya stop di Tasik Selatan ... dengar-dengarnya macam ada sebut perkataan 'accident' (ni kes pasang telinga la ni ... nak tanya malas, mood takde sbb lapar hehe).

Tumit dah start sakit, pakai heel la kononnye ... dengan barang belian from sogo yg ku sangkut di lengan ala-ala makcik gitu, berat, rasa nak patah lengan menjinjing ... tapi bas tak kunjung tiba. Berbuka pun sambil berdiri, laku betul air tebu brader tu, tak menang tangan nak layan.

Fedup menunggu, terus ambik keputusan naik komuter sampai serdang & ambik cab ke parking Bukit Jalil. Cekik darah betul cab fare ... RM21 dari stesen komuter Serdang ke stesen lrt Bukit Jalil ... giler!! Nak tak nak, kena dibayar juga, sbb tak larat dah kepenatan ... Lastly sampai rumah around 9:15pm ... rupa-rupanya betul lah lrt accident kat stesen Bukit Jalil.

Gambar LRT yg berlangggar sesama sendiri ... photo taken from

Catz: tak serik naik lrt ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I love the excitement of having invitations to iftar gathering, one after another. Recently, we had an iftar gathering at Kagumas, Bandar Baru Bangi. Organizer: Suparjo a.k.a Fazli. To those who feel that they were not invited or have never heard about the invitations, please marah Pajoe ... ehehe acah je.

The food was ok-ok, variety jugak, but I didn't have the chance to taste all 40 dishes coz TK had to hurry back to MV.

Dunno why, almost all yg hadir adalah x-programmer ... ironic kan? :))

Kagumas building ... just beside one of the main road in BBB

Antara lauk pauk yg kami ambil ... i love their gulai lemak daging salai with mangga muda ... superb

kak bib dan crew-crew nye ... aikk ... echah & faghah dah berbuka before azan kekekek ...

Click here and here for more pictures :)

Catz: seronok jumpa kengkawan lama ...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Office

As of this week, I’ll be working in a new office in KL. Now I’ll be the city slickers like I’m supposed to be (since I was born here in KL la kononnye hehe … padahal KL Tower pun tak pernah pergi kui kui kui ). How do I feel so far? It’s been quite a rough first week at work where I have to digest lots and lots of things. Meeting new people is interesting for sure, meeting a new group which varies in huge socio-demographic factors is event more interesting. I have no idea of what’s in store for me in the future, but I’ll try my best and if my best wasn’t good enough, I’ll be hunting again … *LOL*

Catz: syiok gak naik lrt ...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mood Raya

I took mom to Midvalley last weekend. As soon as we entered MV, instantly I can feel the Raya Mood in the air with Mat Jais’s ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ song playing on the loud speaker, with all the hanging ketupat and baju melayu decorations plus the in saintly delicious smell of raya cookies. The best thing that contributes the most to the whole look and feel was the Kampung setting in the middle of Centre Court. Its not like I’ve never seen a Kampung house before, but the setting brought back all the memoirs of spending my raya in Kampung during my childhood. Now there’s no more kampong house in my kampong. Bungalows, terraces and high rise condominiums had taken the place of our traditional houses. *Sigh*

We’ll know we’re in raya mood when all cookies & kerepeks dealers start to distribute their orders, and soon, everybody will start queuing their way in banks or money changers for some new change of ringgit bills, the bus station will be crowded with people trying to get home on time for raya, the main highways will be extraordinary crowded with vehicles and the sound of firecrackers or sometimes an illegal loud pipe canon will fill up the air at night.

Alas, even with the raya mood is in the air, I’ll be fairly broke this raya … *LOL* I’m saving for the big event after raya :) Beli kuih raya hutang boleh tak? *LOL*

The 'Rumah Kampong' set at Centre Court MV

Catz: I have a kampong ke?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Time Flies

We're reaching the end of September. Oh my! ... how time flies, regardless whether you have fun or not. But I'm sure having lots of fun.

Last night I joined an iftar gathering organized by Puan Shira (thanks Shira for inviting). Seoul Garden was the venue. It's a Korean Restaurant somewhere in Plaza Pantai just next to federal highway. Seoul Garden offers an all-you-can-eat steamboat and BBQ ramadhan buffet at the price of RM40++. There were so much food for sure, but there's also a catch ... you got to cook your own food! *LOL*. So smokes were all over the place last night ... everybody went back with oily foreheads, smoky clothes and certainly fully loaded stomach. :D

The second week of Ramadhan will end soon and I think I've lost about 5 more kg (+-1) :D I'm having so much fun with the food and yet I lost some kilos, best giler ... I love Ramadhan!

background macam kat States!

Steamboat and BBQ buffet. Seoul Gardens also offers lots of other dishes ... nasi goreng, kari ayam, dessert, ice cream, kuih muih, rojak and plenty more.

"Hai ... ingatkan hari ni cuti masak, berbuka kat luar pun kena masak gak", *LOL*

lepas makan kita lepak-lepak kat tengah jalan sat ...

Aksi anak-anak ...

pengantin baru 1 ....

pengantin baru 2

ibu-ibu ... and erm ... bakal ibu-ibu hehe

Last post before beredar ...

Catz: seronok iftar ramai2 ...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1429

Marhaban ya Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Disini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan memohon maaf sekiranya ada khilaf dan salah. Selamat menjalankan ibadah berpuasa. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini menjanjikan seribu satu keberkatan buat semua.

Catz: Day1 - before iftar lost 2kg, after iftar gain 3 kg *LOL*

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan yang ke 51 Malaysia.

We had the chance to experience merdeka countdown di Dataran Merdeka ketika PM melaungkan 'Merdeka ... Merdeka ... Merdeka" 7 times. Paling best bila dapat tgk fireworks up close and live. Now I understand the feeling to melepak at Dataran :) Well, I'm not that comfortable with the 'melepak' part sebab duduk merata-rata, but I like the fact that I can see rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang bangsa, agama, gelagat, tak ketinggalan juga fesyen-fesyen pakaian yang diadaptasi dari marikh hehe... pendek kata macam-macam rupa lah. Bukan Malaysian aje yang membanjiri perkarangan Dataran last night, tourist pun ramai.

Sejak-sejak dapat 'lesen besar' ni, berani jugak lah nak keluar malam till 2-3 am in the morning with TK, tu pun dengan izin the clan counsel hehe. Fireworks ended around 12:30am, lepas tu terus gerak to Campbell for our car. Kena redah jam jugak akhirnya. Around 2:00am baru sampai Sunway. Sampai Bangi around 2:30am.

Orang ramai mula membanjiri perkarangan bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad after Isya'. Ramai yang park kereta dekat Campbell utk elakkan jam teruk waktu pulang nanti.

Fireworks spark from my 35mm lense.

Lagi photo bunga api. Time ni semua orang mendongak ke atas. Since the spark was so near, pedih juga mata bila debris bunga api jatuh ke bawah.

Antara bunga api yang paling dekat dengan tempat we all berdiri. Less than 100 metres.

A clip during the bunga api featuring TK & Flying Ultramen Taro ... :)

Catz: esok ramadhan ...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Belated Birthday

Putihsalju is now 2 years old. How can I forget? All my life, there were dozens of events fell under 14th August tab and it unconsciously slipped my mind. Happy belated birthday to

Catz: jgn lupa wedding date sudahhh ....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Woops! 2 Months Left

Checked out my wedding countdown earlier today ... there's only 2 months left! The last time I checked I think it was something like 200 days, where did all the time go? OMG there's so much to do ...

Me & TK went for a shopping-mall-hopping looking for our hantaran stuffs. It's kinda hard to find TK's non-alcohol fragrance set, lenguh kaki jalan satu kolumpo. And after lots of visits and pujuk rayu, finally he settled on a cologne set sold by his 'girlfren' *LOL*. His girlfren? Funny story ... to make it short, TK has an admirer and she(or he) happens to be a Nyah ... *LOL* ... "Abang ni manis, baik, tak tinggal solat, bla bla bla ... beruntung akak!" ... Frankly speaking, sekelumit jealousy pun takde dihati ni, rasa nak terguling2 gelak tengok muka TK when he received all the compliments tu ada la *LOL*. Puji punya puji, we end up paying less than what we get ... free stuff situ, free stuff sini ... untung uols! :)))

Haha this photo got nothing to do with the wedding. I had the chance to visit MAHA Exhibition a day before they opened it to the public. The tomatoes looked so voluptous that I had to take a picture of it ehehe

These chilies looked like bunch of small flowers from far ... so beautiful yet so hot :)

How often can you see pokok sawi on the ground? It's my first time ...

They have strawberries too ...

They also have a mini padi huma field ...

The transportation provided from the car park to the tram station ...

Catz: 2 months and 2 days ...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Watched the movie on Saturday. Thought of buying tickets for The Dark Knight but I end up buying tickets for this movie. TK had no problem with the movie he said, but I wonder why he slept for almost half of the film? *LOL*

Have ya all seen the movie? Some critics said it's better than Mummy Returns, not as good as The Mummy but still worth a look. The others said that they can think of almost nothing good to say about the film, except that they enjoyed it immensely. Some also said that it is a disappointing three-quel with a badly written script, irritating characters, dodgy CGI work, a miscast Maria Bello and an underused Jet Li.

What about my reviews? Well, it's quite interesting I might say, but only towards the end. I have no idea why they choosed Maria Bello to replace Rachel Weisz as Evelyn O'Connell. I like the previous Evelyn better. I also hate to see Jet Li casting the bad guys role coz he's a kung fu legend in my book. Overall, I would rate it as 3.0/5.0. I'm still wondering why TK dozed off during the movie! Hmm ...

What's this? Someone had kindly deliver this at home. I've sent Mom's baju kurung for the beads and it turned out very pretty. Thanks Jal!

Another view of the beads. If anyone interested to get 'em, feel free to drop by Jellybeesz's. They have lots of design to choose from.

Catz: Countdown ... 2 months and 22 days to go ... huhuhu