Monday, October 20, 2014

Fighting Kawasaki Day 5 & 6

She had her 2nd dose IVIG yesterday. Temp pun nampaknya stayed below 37.5 from yesterday. She started to sit on her own. Alhamdulillah a good sign.

We manage to get an appointment @ IJN, tomorrow 21 Oct. The ambulance will take us there escorted by a doctor & a nurse.

Right after 2nd dose IVIG treatment habis ...
dah boleh duduk sendiri & main-main.
Owh that wafers tu, utk buat main kira-kira je 

Eventhough demam dah subside, ulcers satu mulut
masih blom baik ...
so still no consumption of food and drinks ..
dengan nenek, still nak berkepit
Catz: I'm nervous utk IJN esok ... huhuhu

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Soulie said...

Get well soon Khalisya! Stay strong Kak Ain! May Allah permudahkan segala urusan dan sembuhkan Khalisya.